Satir3 001

Why hello!


Okay so its been some time.  The main comic is moving along with our new artist Rigo and Enigma.    Both of them are doing some final stuff with university and the such so progress has slowed…However It is moving along quite well.  Just putting up a backlog and Sea3on will be rolling along once more.

As for this?  I present Sea3on Satir3!   Its more of a pet project between myself and Tim.  Something we were going to be releasing on the odd weeks where Sea3on doesn’t update.    But since Sea3on is still trying to get a good back log set up we decided to start releasing these strips early.

Satir3 is kinda a news paper gag strip we are playing at.  Something quick and fun for the both of us to work on while the other members keep pushing out the new comic.

Anyways, hope you enjoy!

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  1. Tyler JC

    So it’s like an off-panel basically?

  2. Tim Campbell

    You could say that. Off panel, sunday funnies….

  3. Sparkle

    Egg-celent drawings!

    But why the British spelling?

  4. Rankles75

    Hope you’re doing one about the Sonic movie… 😆😖

  5. Paul

    British spelling? You mean regular english spelling? I write the scripts for this bit and I’m Canadian. Like the rest of the english world I spell…Well as such. America is its own thing….And well…I’m not American.

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