Tim’s Retirement

Yep, I’ve decided that it is time to concentrate on my own original content. That means I need to start cutting projects from my life to put my best in it. So today I’m announcing my imminent retirement from Sea3on. ;_; It’s so sad. I’ve already finished my final page, and we already have a shortlist of artists trying out to replace me for pencils and inks.


Uhm…I wanna say thank you to Paul for that opportunity he gave me years ago. This was my first paying artist job, and I’ve loved this project. It was one of my dream jobs from when I was very young, and to get to do it myself is just….awesome. It’s been an honor being your pencil and ink artist. Leaving is vey hard, and drawing that final page was…emotional. XP o_o;

I’ll still be hanging around here, and I wanna help in any way Paul will let me, lol. I still love this project, and will always be a big supporter of it. It’s just time for me to take the next step.


Follow me on Twitter @timcampbe or Instagram @tim_j_campbell to keep in touch with me and my personal projects. Appreciate every one of you, and thank you for helping me learn over the years.

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  1. Death of Ink

    It was good to have you as an artist for this comic, we fans will miss your skills but good luck with what you move on to.

  2. Sparkle

    When it’s time, it’s time. I respect the decision. We’ll expect you to come back now and then and say hi. 🙂

  3. Saber16

    I know exactly how you feel. It was pretty hard to give Paul the news I just couldn’t do it anymore. Sorry to see you go, but gotta say working with you was a wonderful experience. Thanks for all your hard work.

  4. Tim "J"

    It was amazing working with you too, Stephen! You taught me a lot while we worked together. Thanks for the support, it was a fun ride. Now onto the next one. 😜

  5. TJ Cross

    So does this mean Season Three is now dead?

  6. Captain Sorzo

    No, it isn’t dead. Tim already mentioned in the first paragraph that they’re in the process of choosing a replacement. There will doubtless be a hiatus of a few months, but that’s nothing new. The comic has shifted artists before and survived, and Tim’s successor will likely be succeeded in turn in a few years’ time. If Chief or Gojira were leaving, I’d be worried, but this is a setback, not a fatal blow.

    This does not, of course, diminish Tim or his contributions to the project. His efforts have helped drag the comic out from limbo more than once, and I’m sad to see him go. As with Saber, it was rewarding to see his style improve over the years, but even his early work was capable of delivering emotional gut-punches when the story called for it, as the end of Chapter 5 so poignantly demonstrated.

    I wish you well in your future projects, Tim.

  7. cccviper653

    Awe, good luck. I’ll follow you on twitter :3

  8. HeavensChampion

    Hopefully, the new artist won’t turn down because they turned out to have too busy of a schedule like last time.

  9. Rankles75

    Thanks Tim, and good luck with whatever you do next

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