Chapter 7 Page 21

Ya know…Must be nice sometimes to have over powering metal limbs…


On another note…We are teaming up with the guys over at Sonic Legacy, which is part of Sonic Paradox, to advertise each others stuff, and possibly partner up on other things.    This isn’t too far of a stretch for us as Tim, who is one of our artists also works for their talented team,

So be sure to check them out.  You can find them on twitter, discord, and their blog here    You can expect more to come of this.   I myself just started reading Legacy and so far am enjoying it.


On a different note..Sorry for being a few hours late today.  Was a rather busy week with lots going on on my end.  Including working long days and dealing with insurance companies.  Both personal and stuff for work :/

Also truth be told…I forgot today was Monday.   Its a long weekend here for Thanksgiving day.  So normally I’m use to uploading the comic just before I go to bed before a work day.   Ooops..


Anyways, to all that are reading this in Canada…Happy Thanksgiving Day.


See you in 2 weeks




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  1. Captain Sorzo

    You silly Canadians and your mistimed day of turkey genocide.

    Anyway, nice to see that the comic will be getting some exposure elsewhere. It’s amazing to think that it’s not only still going, but actually expanding its audience after nearly a decade.

  2. The Recovered Veteran

    Hey Paul. Laura Blue and I sent you an email a couple days ago and was wondering if you received it. Its a bit lengthy, but it involves Sea3on. Thanks.

  3. Sparkle

    Another great page! Some creepy bots in this issue.

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