Chapter 7 Page 20

…Damn. That punch though?

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  1. Saber16

    … Whelp, Cat’s officially lost his damned mind and burned all his bridges with his old pals.

  2. Sparkle

    I guess having a robot arm can come in handy

  3. randomizer

    Gavin had a head start and Bunnie still needed to drag him. Pick up the pace mate.

  4. Antonio Valdes

    Welp, that last panel is rather unsettling.

  5. Flor de oro

    I feel bad for Cat… he have loosed a part of himself

  6. cccviper653

    Nuuu. Don’t kill the cute(hot) bat boi QnQ

  7. dmoney

    You know what, I think Cat is a little resentful because they never came to save him. Yea Sonic came back to his cell at the end of the episode but he was gone by then and they never looked for him since.

  8. TJ Cross

    Damn son, Cat’s gone mad with power!

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