Chapter 7 Page 19

Well that’s one way to get a Cat mad at you.

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  1. Death of Ink

    I wonder how many of those Robots in the background are Robians?

  2. Sparkle

    Right … partially roboticize him and then get their intranet in a frizzy. I’m sure it’s catchy.

    Woah, dang. This situation is gettin’ real though. Reminds me of adult friends who are children of alcoholic parents.

  3. cccviper653

    QnQ I knew he was gonna go on the fritz. Cranky ol Clanky

  4. Velvet

    You two better get ready to rumble…

  5. vgiannell5

    Something tells Cat and the other Robians are going to regret attacking our heroes.

  6. AbraCadavre95x

    Getting a real fnaf vibe here. Cat reminds me of foxy and RustBucket looks like Bonnie!

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