Chapter 7 Page 18

Hey guys,


Sorry for last times delay.  Comic was delayed due to..Well Just life.  Tim Had a packed week.  Then of course I got sick when I was suppose to upload it.   Now that doesn’t mean I was so sick that I couldn’t sit my butt down just to upload a comic…It did mean I was drugging myself up just to be able to get through work.  Meaning the moment I was home I had totally forgotten about uploading the comic.
Tim reminded my Monday night and I think I responded with “Oh crap, I’ll upload it as soon as I get home”   Which I obviously didn’t do.


Anyways, without further delay…

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  1. jprime

    Nice new avvy.

  2. Death of Ink

    Red Eyes Take Warning…

  3. Sparkle

    Don’t you get any ideas from cat, you intern bat!

  4. dmoney

    This is escalating quickly… doesn’t look like it will end well lol

  5. Antonio Valdes

    Seems that the nanites have really messed with Cat’s mind. Granted, I’m just as surprised by Bunnie’s refusal; though, it may be due to what happened last time…

  6. vgiannell5

    Right. The Freedom Fighters tried to de-roboticize both her and Uncle Chuck but the effects were temporary because the De-Roboticizer had some bugs to work out even with the part Sonic took from Robotnik’s Roboticizer.

  7. Velvet

    Of course! I was wondering about Cat and how legit he was here, and Bunnie’s testing it by saying no – to check out how he reacts when he doesn’t think he can get her to do what he wants.

  8. Antonio Valdes

    Honestly, imagine what Sally would think if she this?

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