Chapter 7 Page 22    ….Tims Last Page

And with this we have Tims last page….

So this isn’t the last you will see or hear of Tim on Sea3on.  He is still staying aboard to help things out…And basically be a damn good advisor.  Plus he is helping find a replacement for himself.   And we have a decent group doing a try out as we speak.

On other matters…I would just like to thank Tim for his time and hard work doing Sea3on.  I hate loosing him as a artist…But I also know his talent has continued to grow since being here…And in order for him to grow further he does have to start doing more on his own work.   So thank you Tim.


Is sea3on now dead?  Nope.   I do know we will take a few weeks off for sure….And I will update you later.   As said before we do have a group of people currently in trials..So…See you soon.




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  1. Suros

    I’m always amazed at how expressive everyone is. I could only dream of displaying emotions so vividly. Even my own face struggles to do this well.

  2. Tim Campbell

    Oh wow <3 Thank you, Chief. X3

  3. Pavel Dr. Chief

    I wish chapter 8

  4. Pavel Dr. Chief

    I wish that sonic defeat Snively

  5. Sparkle

    Great last page!

  6. TJ Cross

    Good to know Sea3on isn’t dead! However, it’s damn shame that we now have to wait longer for the next episo-er, I mean page to be released until they find another artist. But that does not mean I won’t wish Tim and the rest the best if luck in their future endeavors! 🙂

  7. Bith

    You guys should start a Patreon

  8. Ishapar

    Good work, Tim. Keep us updated with what needs to be done, Chief.

  9. caninePenstroke

    Wow. I read through the entire series up to this point in the span of an hour, and I am HOOKED. Best of luck to you, Tim.

  10. Sparkle

    Just realized Gavin has a mustache for hair and now I can’t unsee it. noooo lol

  11. Sandata

    Damn…stopped reading for a while to let pages build up just to find out such a great artist is leaving. Best of luck with your endeavors and thanks so much for your contribution to the project.

  12. STYVUX

    Man, I just found this comic a few weeks ago and read the whole thing and it is so good! Rarely do I ever enjoy comics but this is one of the few, because it stays true to the source material and doesn’t feel fan made. My only complaint is the art style change mid way through chapter 5, it’s not bad but it feels off and I think the art from previous chapters (especially from the Me and My Shadow one) is greatly superior. I really hope you guys go back that style instead. But otherwise great story, I can’t wait for the next page, I hope it comes soon! Best of luck to you all, you guys are doing a great job with this whole thing and it means a lot!

  13. Sparkle

    How does one enter the trials? Is it too late to submit to such trials and tribulations?

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