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         Welcome to my site! I am your webmistress, Ali.

y site is split into three parts:
   The shrine to Snively and the world of Sonic the Hedgehog SatAM.
             The shrine to that wonderful Disney show, Talespin.
And thirdly, a junkpile of miscellaneous original art, fiction and other odds n' ends.

 Updated 6/21/10
Not really an update, per se. As you can see, I have changed webhosts! I'm now being hosted by the lovely owners of sonicsatam.com (Fans United For SatAM) Yay, huh!
Alas, I really have no updates other than that, right now. I think in the future I may just update whenever I receive or create something new for the site, rather than on a monthly basis. I've found montly updating to be tedious. So, there may be more updates, but of a lesser quantity. I'm also probably going to do away with the Misc page because it's lame.
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