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@  Wulfsbane : (20 January 2020 - 06:26 PM)


@  Ishapar : (14 December 2019 - 04:23 AM)

Not bad. Would be neat if my grandpa makes it that old.

@  Shadow : (12 December 2019 - 03:19 PM)

I hope I get to live to 93.

@  Wulfsbane : (11 December 2019 - 09:42 AM)


@  Ishapar : (09 December 2019 - 08:48 AM)

Shame to hear about that. How old was he?

@  RedG : (06 December 2019 - 06:04 PM)

Sorry to hear, Wulfsbane. My condolences.

@  Wulfsbane : (05 December 2019 - 10:43 PM)

My grandfather passed on the 17th.

@  chief : (30 November 2019 - 03:32 PM)


@  Wulfsbane : (28 November 2019 - 07:14 PM)

This year's Thanksgiving was a lot tougher than normal.

@  Wulfsbane : (28 November 2019 - 07:14 PM)

Same to you.

@  RedAuthar : (28 November 2019 - 03:47 PM)

Happy American Turkey Day

@  chief : (09 November 2019 - 02:20 PM)


@  Shadow : (31 October 2019 - 10:44 AM)


@  Kev : (20 October 2019 - 02:19 PM)

Sally acorn painting you can try to follow along, needs re-voicing as its just me for now.

@  Kev : (20 October 2019 - 02:18 PM)

Made another cartoon episode, its a painting tutorial on youtube check out my channel= 2D 3D CARTOONS

@  Wulfsbane : (05 October 2019 - 11:05 PM)

Well the player base went up exponentially since the switch.

@  wildfire : (05 October 2019 - 08:39 PM)

Probably to help Bungie now that Activision's money isn't backing them.

@  Wulfsbane : (03 October 2019 - 06:33 AM)

Destiny made the move to Steam.

@  Wulfsbane : (09 September 2019 - 10:12 AM)

We'll probably see Tracer soon

@  Shadow : (06 September 2019 - 10:48 PM)

I'd rather see Mai in Smash


Kazuyuki Hoshino Ships Old Satam Script To America

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#1 sonicroc


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Posted 28 February 2018 - 03:12 PM

As a long time fan of both Sally and Amy, I find it immensely satisfying that the creator of Amy Rose would be keeping a SatAM script in his collection!  :)  Hopefully we'll get to see it eventually!  

(Starts at 1:04:18, and the SatAM script comes up at 1:05:25)


#2 Sandata


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Posted 03 March 2018 - 07:56 AM

Any acknowledgement of SatAM by someone from Japan is encouraging. If more comes out from this it'd be nice to know.

#3 sonicroc


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Posted 06 May 2018 - 02:02 PM

UPDATE:  Well the good news is, I finally asked about the script during one of the live streams.  The bad news is, Aaron Webber didn't know what I was talking about.    (My question was, "Will we get to see Hoshino-san's SatAM script?"  And yes, he does know what “SatAM” refers to.)  He asked for clarification, but unfortunately, I was apparently so focused on repeatedly asking my question in the chat that I didn't even realize he was addressing my question…  :P

Here's the clip:  https://youtu.be/yDpPFuiXTs0?t=3168

But he did say that he has some story boards for Sonic Christmas Blast, and he seemed open to the possibility of showing them if allowed, which I suppose would be fun.

But anyway, the script in question could potentially be a major piece of SatAM history.  For those of you who didn't watch the original video, here is what he said about the script:

“There was even, uh, like a script in there for the old Sonic TV series from like the early 90’s, the western TV series by the way.  Um, I think it was for Sat-- SatAM, and… it was stuff I had never seen before, so maybe it was an early concept pitch stuff.”  

(Not sure about the last couple words.)  I have a feeling this may be something from the early stages of the show, so it would be a big deal if we could see it.

Unfortunately, it's very difficult for me to attend / participate in these live streams, so I would greatly appreciate it if somebody else would be interested!  ^_^'  They're every other Thursday at 2 PM Pacific time (on Twitch and YouTube).  The next one is May 17 and is supposed to feature Hoshino-san, so it might be an appropriate time to try to bring this up again.

Otherwise, those of you who are more social-media-savvy than I might be able to just ask Aaron about this directly, idk.


(If you do, please be polite, or you'll just be giving SatAM a bad name!)

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