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@  Shadow : (24 March 2020 - 06:31 PM)

I'm still waiting to see if my attempts to sign up for EI have gone through or not. Phone lines are impossible to get through.

@  furrykef : (23 March 2020 - 05:58 PM)

There's talk that they may have found a cure for the virus. Here's hoping.

@  A Fox in a D... : (22 March 2020 - 07:27 PM)

Yeah, our D&D sessions and just going out for drinks at local breweries is basically gone right now. We're thinking of doing remote sessions but it's still not the same.

@  Wulfsbane : (22 March 2020 - 03:28 PM)

It just sucks cause my friends and I can't do our usual weekend stuff cause most of the restaurants we go to are closed or takeout only

@  furrykef : (22 March 2020 - 11:20 AM)

I know exactly how you feel.

@  A Fox in a D... : (22 March 2020 - 10:41 AM)

Yeah, there's a part of me that, as an introvert, should be totally OK with the concept of staying home. But there's also a huge part of me that is incredibly unnerved by the concept of having the choice taken away. Before, it felt like something I wanted to do, but now it just feels lonely and sad.

@  A Fox in a D... : (22 March 2020 - 10:38 AM)

Ah, no worries. Thanks for clarifying. <3

@  Wulfsbane : (22 March 2020 - 05:31 AM)

I absolutely recognize that this is going to have a change in how we do things, for better or for worse. There's going to be some positive changes out of this and some negative changes as well. I get this is something we haven't seen in 100 years.


If I came off as insensitive, I should apologize and explained what I meant a bit more.

@  Wulfsbane : (22 March 2020 - 05:23 AM)

You misunderstand. My daily life consists of me going to work and going home. When I order food out I usually get take out anyways. See I work 2nd shift so my options of what I can/can't do is limited by time anyways and hasn't effected me as much, the only real thing being I can't sit down at the diner when I get out at 11pm-12am on a Friday night. So when I say I'm not changing much of my daily life it's because my routine is at a point where my interactions with people, in person, are limited to begin with

@  A Fox in a D... : (20 March 2020 - 11:01 AM)

Regardless of how you feel Covid affects you personally, there's an absolute change this puts on everyone globally, especially small businesses and at-risk people. It will influence how we look at the media landscape, how we deliver entertainment and services, and workplace practices going forward, some long term, some short, some good and some bad. These sort of pandemics don't come around with zero wake, and we've already seen that and are seeing it right now. If you don't think anything is different, then you aren't looking hard enough.

@  A Fox in a D... : (20 March 2020 - 10:09 AM)

No, Covid is it's already costing businesses and lives, and it's made life difficult for just about everyone I know, particularly in my industry where we've having to scramble to ship games from home. What you're doing is unwise and irresponsible, and you're not the only person in existence, so you can keep your "not really".

@  Wulfsbane : (19 March 2020 - 08:57 PM)

Not really. I'm still going about it as if nothing's different

@  GetCrazyWith... : (18 March 2020 - 06:48 PM)

Covid is going to screw up all our lives

@  RedAuthar : (17 March 2020 - 09:43 PM)

I know your pain Ben, I know your pain...

@  Shadow : (16 March 2020 - 08:13 PM)

Lucky you.

@  Wulfsbane : (16 March 2020 - 05:16 AM)

I still gotta work

@  A Fox in a D... : (16 March 2020 - 12:03 AM)

It's only boring if you make it so. I'm stuffing my quarantine with as much art as I can muster.

@  furrykef : (13 March 2020 - 07:16 AM)

Stupid COVID-19 got chess club canceled. I guess I should prepare myself for a particularly boring next few months.

@  furrykef : (24 February 2020 - 08:05 PM)

Don't post videos in the Shoutbox.

@  bwrosas : (23 February 2020 - 10:06 PM)


Jim Carrey To Play Eggman In Sonic The Hedgehog Movie

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#1 FUS News Robot

FUS News Robot

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Posted 29 June 2018 - 02:46 PM

Deadline is reporting that the Sonic the Hedgehog movie has found its villain with the addition of comedian Jim Carrey who will play Robotnik in the film. Carrey joins a cast for the live-action/animation hybid that includes Ride Along‘s Tika Sumpter and Westworld‘s James Marsden.

Also known as Dr. Eggman, Robotnik has been the primary antagonist of the Sonic franchise for decades, making his debut appearance in the first game in the series.

Sonic the Hedgehog will take its cues from the popular games, focusing on Sonic’s attempts to battle the evil Doctor Robotnik who is on a quest to assemble the Chaos emeralds. This mark the first time that the Sonic games have been adapted for the big screen, but the character has previously appeared in both Wreck-It Ralph and this year’s Ready Player One.

Neal H. Moritz from Original Film Inc. (Fast and Furious series) will produce the adaptation which has Jeff Fowler (Blur Studio, Academy Award nominee for 2005 Best Animated Short Film Gopher Broke) set to direct and Deadpool‘s Tim Miller executive producing. Sonic the Hedgehog film will open in theaters on November 15, 2019

Read the full story here

#2 LogiTeeka


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Posted 29 June 2018 - 07:51 PM

Uh... what? :|

#3 Quickster


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Posted 29 June 2018 - 11:13 PM

Just as I feared. A live-action Eggman...

Then again, if they play their cards right, maybe it won't be so bad.
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#4 Wulfsbane


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Posted 29 June 2018 - 11:22 PM

Guys, this may not be a bad choice. Jim Carrey is considered one of the best character actors out there. I mean look at his roles over the years. Favorite one is Count Olaf


He could pull it off

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#5 Nz17


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Posted 30 June 2018 - 08:24 AM

He's a close visual approximation of Eggman from Sonic 2006 if they add facial hair and remove his scalp's hair.

#6 LogiTeeka


    Fellow FUSer

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Posted 30 June 2018 - 02:26 PM

Guys, this may not be a bad choice. Jim Carrey is considered one of the best character actors out there. I mean look at his roles over the years. Favorite one is Count Olaf


He could pull it off


I have no doubt he can pull off a good Eggman, I was just taken aback by the announcement. It sounds like one of those fake April Fools headlines that sounds too weird to be believed, yet it's totally genuine.

#7 Shadow


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Posted 30 June 2018 - 05:55 PM

I don't really want Eggman to be like Jim Carrey's Riddler performance. I would have liked someone more theatrical like John Goodman or Ben Kingsley.

#8 Nz17


    Fellow FUSer

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Posted 30 June 2018 - 10:06 PM

I made an image of what Dr. Eggman looks like with Jim Carrey's face superimposed.

Attached File  Jim_Eggman.png   949.96KB   0 downloads

#9 Clocktopus


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Posted 04 July 2018 - 01:09 PM

Oh man, John Goodman would have been SPOT ON.  I dunno, this is so far the BEST piece of news we've got for the film... 

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#10 MoKat


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Posted 18 February 2020 - 02:02 PM

Saberspark recently uploaded his review of The Sonic Movie:



#11 MauEvig


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Posted 22 February 2020 - 07:07 PM

Honestly, overlooking the "Olive Garden" advertisement, since I didn't feel like it was the focal point of the movie, I really enjoyed it. My boyfriend and I both saw it last Saturday. It was amazing and we look forward to see it again, and adding it to our Blu ray collection.

The best I can advise is see it for yourself and make your own judgement call. There were plenty of nods to the Sonic fandom that I'm sure fans would appreciate, but I don't want to give out too many spoilers. 

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