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Just throwing a shout in here since it's been a minute. Whaddup FUS!!!

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Greetings, visitor

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hey whattup everybody!

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Sonic Prime seems like an interesting opportunity with that purported multiverse angle.

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Barely. Holding out for the big update.

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It's good to see the place still kicking.

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How have you been?

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I've been floating around here and there.

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I think it's been about a decade at this point, right?

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The Sea3on Discord: https://discord.gg/qQrqAvG

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What's this about a discord?

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Long time no see.

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I will check things out once in awhile, but right now I am mostly trying to work on getting back on my own two feet after struggling for a near decade.

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I lurk but am mainly on the discord server

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I think that describes most of us, eh? ;)

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Tiff15 And Octascratchrock's Rp Series

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Posted 11 October 2020 - 05:32 PM


  • Please ask ethier Myself (Tiff15) or OctaScratchRock before joining.
  • Please be sure to read previous entries (if possible) and ask if you have any questions. OctaScratchRock and I worked hard to establish this 'universe' and carefully mold our characters into the SatAM story. the last thing we want is one post to ruin our hard work.
  • Have fun!

The Revenge of the Marengo [STATUS: FINISHED]

Post by OctaScratchRock on March 31st, 2020, 12:08 pm
A few weeks after Robotnik's defeat and Mobius' restoration, the former Freedom Fighters had made remarkable progress rebuilding the planet. Snivley had been caught and sent to prison, and Mobotropolis had been restored to its former glory.

But what the former Freedom Fighters had yet to learn was that Mobius' problems were yet to truly end.

The night was foggy and the moon was hidden by clouds. A lone car shared the highway just outside of Mobotropolis with no one else. Or at least, its driver THOUGHT he was alone.

Behind the wheel of the car was the chairman of the newly formed Mobian Race Car Association, formed to entertain the Mobian citizens and boost their morale after the hard times they'd been through roboticized. As he drove along, he felt another pair of headlights behind him. He spun his head around, and following him was a gray sports car. One which didn't look familiar at all.Or at least, it didn't look familiar outside of legends the man had read. Mobius had just set up trade ties with a distant planet called "Earth," yet this vehicle looked like none of the automobiles imported from there nor any of the vehicles built on Mobius. The only thing that stood out about it was two symbols flashing on the car's bonnet: "X3."

"Could that......" he muttered, "REALLY be....."

The car suddenly let out a startling, robotic-voiced cry: "MARENGO STILL RACES!"

The driver gasped. "Who said that!?" he muttered. "I can hear his voice!"

Suddenly, the unknown sports car boosted ahead, swerved around, and smashed into the Chairman's car head-on. He was sent soaring over the edge of the highway to his fiery death.

The next morning, Princess Sally Acorn, the youngest leader in the planet's history at a mere 21, was called to the Mobotroplis Police Department to investigate the mysterious accident.

Sally had a look through the former Chairman's records.

"I don't see any reason why anybody would want to kill him." said Sally. "His records look perfectly clean."

"There's worse news, Your Highness." said the police chief. "We have the current owner of the Mobian Race Car Association here, and he claims he's never seen or heard of such a car. A black sports car with "X3" on the bonnet doesn't sound familiar to him at all."

Sally was puzzled. "What do we do then? I can't have my people being smashed over cliffs!" she said.

That's when the owner of the MRCA left. He ran out to his car and began dialing on his telephone to call the former Assistant Chairman (now Chairman due to the former Chairman's fatal crash) to tell him about the accident.

Evidently, he knew something that he wouldn't tell the police.

The former Assistant Chairman laughed through the phone. "Don't go out at night!?" he howled. "No way, bum! I'm the new Chairman of the Mobian Race Car Association! I got a lotta business ta do, even at night! Unfortunately, ta'night's one of tha nights I gotta go out, so I'm goin'!"

And just like that, he hung up.

That night, he was driving along a cliffside in a large, customized Jaguar sedan. And just like the previous Chairman, it was too late for him to act when the same black car appeared in his rear-view and rammed him off the cliff.

Now, Sally was angry. Two mysterious accidents of the same kind, and not a clue as to who was behind them. All through the next day, Sally was busy researching with Nicole by her side.

Postby RachelTheSeeker on April 5th, 2020, 12:29 am
The last few weeks have been a marvel. Slowly yet surely, Mobius was returning to its former glory. Already bits of the old world before Robotnik's reign were starting to find use. No longer was technology meant to rule the world; with the actions of the heiress to the Acorn monarchy, surely the people of Mobius will learn to use science responsibly with nature.

On the outskirts of the dying Robotropolis, a lone lioness had set down her pack. She had made the journey to the converted capital if only to see it become obsolete. Now and again she'd had interactions with the Freedom Fighters, but never stuck around to formally join. Hers was a journey of self-discovery; even if she could do good by their ways, they mainly stuck to Knothole Village. What of the other Mobians? For this reason Raziya traveled, knowing her days near Aquatic Ruin Zone couldn't last forever.

Her motions were graceful and fluid as a cat was wont to move. A martial dance as the sun rose behind her, dew of the returning grass cool across her paws. Each motion had a meaning, even if it seemed impractical in a real fight. As she swept her upper body low she took hold of her hardwood staff, sweeping from an unarmed to armed form. After this she would cultivate her aura (or qi, as she'd heard someone call it before), and would replenish her pool of spiritual energy with a healthy breakfast.

Or, she would, if there wasn't a sudden sound getting louder across the regrowing wasteland.

The noise was one she couldn't place at first. She had no need for technology much of the time. It dawned on her that this was some sort of engine. Of the metallic menaces built under Robotnik, only the most primitive seemed to make that kind of revving noise. Like the growling of a fierce beast, it only got louder and louder. In the early morning sun, Raziya saw the danger just seconds before it was upon her.

Some kind of enclosed vehicle, almost like a wagon. This looked even more primitive than the hovercraft of Robotropolis, but had a nice style to it. Four wheels, and barriers of glass to protect those within. Much, much quicker than a wagon pulled by beasts of burden... and it was coming her way in a beeline!

The grey blur, kicking up dust with its rubber-shelled wheels, would kill most Mobians at the speed it was going. Luckily for Raziya, she was not an average Mobian. Alert to the danger coming upon her fast, her aura surged outward across her body. Electric as the engine providing the sports car its power, Raziya leaped at the last second. The driver within, just as alien as this imported device from another realm, wouldn't feel the slightest collision with his intended hit-and-run victim. Instead the lioness scampered across the hood and roof of the car, a seemingly blur for only a sprint's time.

Raziya hopped off, eyes still wide after acting upon instinct. Her staff was still in-hand, her pack... oh no! Surely the driver didn't run over her pack?! Her eyes darted across the sparse grass; by the grace of Saint Aralisi, her pack was unharmed. No amount of seniority in her care could help the knapsack endure getting ran over.

She turned on a heel, watching the car. Was it just her, or was there something... inorganic about the driver? She couldn't confirm; she was too busy scrambling up the roof to get a good look. Whoever it was, they seemed to mean business. Whether incidental or not, the crazed driver wanted to eliminate whoever was unlucky enough to encounter them.

Postby OctaScratchRock on April 5th, 2020, 9:33 am
Later on, Sally held a private meeting to question Reziya about her encounter with the mysterious vehicle.

"Are you aware that two members of the Mobian Race Car Association were run off the road and killed by this mysterious car?" she asked.

"No, actually." Reziya replied.

Sally reached into her vest and began to dig around for something. "Hold on." she said. "I've got an item of evidence the police found at the scene of an accident."

Sally pulled a piece of paper out of her vest and held it up to Reziya. It was completely blank, except for two symbols written across the paper: "X3."

"Does this look familiar at all?" Sally asked. "Take a good look and tell me."

Postby tiff15 on April 8th, 2020, 1:02 pm
OOC: thank you for the invite, OctoscratchRock. I have a slight twist on Tristina that I'd like to use here, if I may. Also, I'd like to introduce a device that I'm going to introduce later in Tails series.

"Analysis of engine and inner mechanics complete, Tristina. transferring to on screen display."
"Thank you, Mac. save a copy of the findings to external hard drive and wait for further instructions."
the small, streamlined computer (in front of where her wheelchairs joystick used to be) beemped in compliance and was silent.. having donated most of her legs electronics to research and curing robotization, Tristina was one of the last of the old era. handicap now by choice, she was a living testament of personal sacrifice. That, and since the original roboticizers malfunction had led to her partial robotization, Tristina decided it was best for everyone involved if she forgo the process.

the stares had faded from the crowd weeks ago, except for those from outside the city. Tristina jerked slightly as she gave the mental order for her wheelchair to stop, and taking a deep breath, she raised a fist - now sans the black gloves that had protected her hands - to announce her arrival.

the door opened and Tristina spoke immediately. "Your majesty, I'm here with the analysis you requested..Oh. Hello." Tristina stopped herself mid report as her eyes fell upon the feline in the room.

OOC: feel free to use Tristina as she is needed. Mac is similar to Nichole, only that he addresses Tristina as Tristina and not Tiffany. Tristina's wheelchair is now powered by her mikanuean hacking powers, but her powers extend to electronics only.

Postby OctaScratchRock on April 8th, 2020, 2:27 pm
Sally was puzzled.

"What does it say about our vehicular menace?" she asked. "So far I'm not getting any green lights."

Suddenly, a voice came from outside of the room.

"X3?" someone shouted.

Everybody in the room shot up and looked to the door.

Sonic himself walked in.

"I know that name." he said.

Sally looked delighted. "Tell us all you know about it!"

Sonic began to explain. "You see, years and years ago, far before Robotnik took over Mobius, there was an automobile race at Danger Pass just outside the desert. One of the entering cars was nicknamed "The Marengo."

"Marengo?" asked Sally. "I wonder what that means."

"Marengo was the name of a horse that was famous." replied Sonic. "Napoleon Bonaparte's horse to be precise. It even saved Napoleon's life a few times."

"What's Napoleon's horse got to do with the car?" asked Sally.

"Well, it IS a good name for a race car." replied Sonic. "Anyway, the Marengo was cut off at the peak of Danger Pass by the racing cars owned by the Three Roses Club (which was recently reformed) and it went sailing over the edge, killing its driver instantly."

Sally and all of her friends were puzzled. "Well, now we know why it's killing members of the Three Roses Club." she said.

Tristina spoke up. "Was there anything special about the Margeno's driver? Does he have any living descendants?" she asked.

Sonic shook his head. "No one knows. You see, the Marengo's driver kept his identity secret for years. When he died, no one knew who he was. His body was much to burnt and charred to be identified, so that was that."

Sally gave a disappointed look.

But suddenly, an idea struck her.

"Maybe he never died! Maybe he just faked his death and now he's out for revenge!" said Sally.


Snively had busted out of prison. Underneath the remains of Robotnik's HQ, he had a black sports car with the symbols "X3" written across the bonnet.

"The revenge I've been planning for years is finally coming true!" Snively exclaimed. "MY FATHER drove the Marengo to his death that one fateful day at Danger Pass, but now it shall be THEM who die! There's a new race beginning at Danger Pass tomorrow, and the Three Roses Club will enter it. What they don't know is that it will also be their LAST race!"

Snively had been remote-controlling the Marengo and using a fake robot driver to run executives off the road before. Now he knew that he couldn't use the robot dummy anymore, as the police would likely be able to identify it by now. He still had to remote control the car, but he knew he had to make someone sit in the car and pretend to drive it. That way, no one would get suspicious and he wouldn't get caught.

But the question was, who would he have to sit in the car and pretend to drive it while he remote controlled it from high above?


"There's another race being held at Danger Pass tomorrow. The EXACT same place where the Marengo crashed years ago." explained Sally. "Do you think the car might show up there? Should we go just in case?"

Postby OctaScratchRock on April 23rd, 2020, 1:53 pm
Tristina left after the meeting was over. The night was just as still as it was the night she was nearly run down.

That's when she heard an all-too-familiar voice call out to her.

"Hey! Would you like to do me a little favour?"

Out of the darkness stepped Snively, holding some sort of weapon in his hands for intimidation.

"I just need you to pretend to drive a car for me, that's all. I'd hate to have to punish you."

Postby tiff15 on April 24th, 2020, 1:06 pm
"Hey! Would you like to do me a little favour?"

Tristina snarled the second Snively stepped into the clearing holding the weapon.

"Mac, alert 1. contact clearance: Julia!" Tristina cried, raising a glowing hand to the weapon.

Snively fired the weapon, and Tristina cried out as a light green aura surrounded her. she felt her wheelchair begin to shift uncontrollably from form to form, many of which hadn't been used in months.

spider mode, hover mode, ground mode, she even felt turbo mode begin to power up before the process repeated itself. In her mind, she got a glimpse of every computer around her all at once: civilians computers, Robotnik's old database, Nicholes files, and the new systems Sally had implemented.

"I did warn you."

Tristina doubled over, trembling as she felt her wheelchair begin to move. glancing behind her she noticed as Snively's boots clipped the ground. "s-stop." she slurred, raising a glowing hand again. "I highly suggest you rethink that gesture." Snively said quietly, nesting the weapon into her quills. "the second dose will be even more unpleasant."

"The princess will know..."

"Yes, and you're going to downplay that little distress call."

Tristina glanced up to see Snively push her into a van driven by a refurbished swatbot. "Drive." Snively commanded. Tristina snarled and raised her hand towards the swatbot when Snively fired the weapon again.

"You are quite stubborn, aren't you?" Snively sighed as she spazzed again. her head dropped, trembling in her chair. "Now then, about my favor."


"Hm, note to self. the experimental weapon disintegrates communication skills," said Snively, examining the side of the device. "as for your primal question, just a little drive so we have time to chat." Tristina snarled as Snively pressed the weapon against the side of her head.

"Honestly, Hacker, given how much of a thorn you were in Robotnik's side during the war, I would have thought you would have put up more of a fight. Not as tough as you pretended, eh?"

Tristina snarled and reached for the weapon. the second her fingers wrapped around the barrel, a painful jolt coursed through her. she soon found herself doubled over, her head on her metal legs, completely paralyzed from the neck down. she felt the car turn as Snively grabbed her shoulders and pulled her back into a sitting position.

"Now, that you've settled down." said Snively, "You're going to drive a car for me in the race. well, 'drive' is a strong word given your..." Snively smiled and nodded to her robotic legs. "You're going to pretend to drive. That's it."

"and if I ref-" Tristina stopped as Snively pressed the weapon against her head again. "I honestly don't think you want a third dose, do you? Most of your Mikanuean counterparts barely lasted 2. given, you always have been more stubborn than even your freedom fighter allies. must be a recurring trait in hedgehogs."

Tristina smirked inwardly at the snide comparison between herself and Sonic. "so, drive this little car for me, and I won't expose you to the Mikanuean version of Heck. refuse, or try to warn anyone..." Tristina cried out as Snively fired the weapon again. her head dropping to her chest, she felt her cheeks burn as a thick black oil began to leak from under her legs. "Stop here. the hacker is leaving."

as the van door opened, Snively pushed Tristina's wheelchair sideways. the hedgehog cried out as her paralyzed body hit the ground hard, leaving a gash on the side of her head. the last thing Tristina heard as the thundering of feet towards her as the tires of the van squealed in goodbye.

Postby OctaScratchRock on April 24th, 2020, 4:02 pm
The next morning, Snively got out his notes on all the information he had picked up about Tristina. She seemed too weak to deal with Snively's attacks, but just strong enough that she'd be a believable driver behind the wheel of the X3 and no one would suspect. Without her tech and power, that is.

"Today's the big day." said Snively as he introduced the X3 to Tristina, SWATbots all around. "You'll pretend to drive it at the big race at Danger Pass."

"What do you want to win a race for?" asked Tristina. "Don't balding maniacs like you have better things to do?"

"Oh, no, no." laughed Snively. "It's not the race I'm interested in. It's who's IN the race that I'm interested in."

Tristina kept mental note of Snively's words.

"I'm going to have you behind the wheel of the X3, my father's finest creation, as I run off the road the remaining members of the Three Roses Club, who is the team that caused my father to crash and die behind the wheel of this very car at Danger Pass so many years ago."

Tristina scowled. "There are plenty of ways I could stop you, you know." she said.

"I doubt you have a choice." said Snively. The SWATbots all cocked their weapons.

Postby tiff15 on April 24th, 2020, 6:35 pm
"Never doubt the enemy needle nose," Tristina whispered, examing every inch of the car. "Your dear uncle made that mistake, and paid for it. I doubt you want to follow?" pushing her wheelchair manually (both to keep Snively from using his weapon and the swatbots from using theirs) Tristina visually scanned the car. keeping her face away from Snively, Tristina's eyes faded from view as she quietly scanned and reviewed information about this X3.

"Well?" Tristina blinked as Snively stepped up beside her. "As you said," Tristina said, deciding to try to stroke Snively's ego a bit to get him to relax. "I don't really have much of a choice, do I?" Snively smirked as Tristina wheeled herself over to the driver's side. as she raised a glowing hand, Snively raised his own weapon and the swatbots raised theirs. "at ease, Needle Nose." Tristina snarled as her eyes began to fade from view. "I'm just checking the specs. I do like to know what I'm working with after all."

True to her word, Tristina ended the scan after reviewing the profile of the car. "Interesting." she said in a monotone voice before raising her head. "the X3 did have a model O engine and an X safety strap that would rival even today's standards. too cheap? or am I to be more than just the pretty face behind the wheel?"

Tristina smiled tensely to Snively, all the while thinking He hasn't left me alone since last night. if he's not with me, a swatbutt was in the shadows. I've got to get a moment alone to send a message to the Princess.

Postby OctaScratchRock on April 24th, 2020, 7:08 pm
"Well, we have no time to waste. The race starts very soon, and I've been planning this revenge for years." said Snively. "Get in the car. Oh, and will you call her the Marengo for me? That's what my father called her, even though the hood says "X3."'

Tristina played along, hoping that perhaps the cover of the car's interior would allow her enough cover to signal to Sally without being noticed.

https://www.devianta...om/octascratchr... -834006229

The Marengo arrived at Danger Pass and was immediately recognized by several other drivers who knew the car's story.

"Is that REALLY the Marengo!?" one shouted.

"It's the X3!" shouted another.

The Three Roses Club had three cars in the race. All three of them were silver Ford GT's painted in a plain livery. They were numbered "6" "7" and "8" respectively. Snively had plans for all three of them. Plans that ended in death.

"I can't believe I'm actually ready for this!" said Snively as he hopped aboard the helicopter he would be using. "I've been planning revenge on the Three Roses Club for years and it's finally going to happen!!!"

Post by tiff15 on April 25th, 2020, 12:12 pm
Tristina trembled as she felt the Marengo roll up to the starting line. she felt the eyes of the competitive cars drivers staring, whispering among themselves.

come ON, Tristina she thought with a snarl to herself. what are you more afraid of. Snivleys weapon, or BEING Snivleys weapon? The swatbot next to her sat unmovingly. it was preprogrammed to keep her in her role, nothing more. its laser pistol, per-programmed with Snively's weapon, sat pointed at her.

Drivers, take your places.

Tristina felt the car move forward, slowly, engine rumbling the car around her. "Mac..." she whispered, "prepare to.."

"cease command, hacker." the statuesque swatbot had come to life, pointing Snivleys weapon at her head. "Cancel voice command, Mac," Tristina said slowly, her voice dripping with venom. the swatbot, apparently, didn't notice. it did, however, slowly lower the weapon back to its lap.

Drivers, start your engines...

her left hand hidden from the swatbots view, Tristina quietly began crafting an encoded knife. It's my only chance left. Tristina thought, willing the knife into being. the glowing transparent knife would stall the swatbots processes and force it to reboot its systems. This would hopefully give Tristina enough time to use Mac to send a message to The Princess...and save 3 innocent lives.

Post by OctaScratchRock on April 25th, 2020, 9:56 pm
The flag dropped and the race was on.

The three silver Ford GTs owned by the Three Roses Club stuck together well, refusing to go too far ahead or behind each other. Strength in numbers, they seemed to believe. For Snively, of course, this simply meant his job would be easier. All three of them were right there together, so he wouldn't have to run one off the side of the cliff and go searching for the others.

Snively sat in his helicopter, remote control device in-hand.

"I'm finally ready." he said. "Time to test what this baby can do before I'm able to catch up to the Three Roses Club's cars."

The Marengo pulled up behind a white Toyota Chaser. The driver of the car looked into his rear view and shrieked, recognizing the gray "X3" labeled car. It was less than a second later that he was struck from behind and sent sailing over the edge to his fiery doom.

"Heh........so it works well enough." Snively muttered.

Tristina, having just witnessed a death (and having sort of been responsible for it, as part of her brain told her) was now more determined than ever to find a safe way to contact the Princess before anyone else was run down. The SWATbot sitting next to her didn't seem dumb enough to forget about his job.

Post by tiff15 on April 25th, 2020, 10:30 pm
Tristina leaned back against the headrest as tears slid down her cheeks. she HAD to stop Snivley. she HAD to.

opening her eyes, the hedgehog noticed she was nearing car number 6.

Hiding her knife near her lap, Tristina undid the safety harness and launched herself at the swatbot, struggling with its laser arm. Despite the scuffle, the Marengo kept a steady pace towards the number 6 car.

Tristina screamed again as the laser went off, engulfing her in a green glow. as her hacking powers went haywire, Tristina noticed Snivleys control of the Marengo slip.

the car began to drift side to side as Tristina convulsed, then was shoved back into her seat by the swatbot.

"I know you can hear me, Needle Nose!" Tristina shouted at the swatbot. "If I have to kill myself to stop you, then I will! weapon or no weapon!"

Post by OctaScratchRock on April 26th, 2020, 7:15 am
The SWATbot was launched from the car and was run down by a Nissan Z, bursting the robot to bits.

Eager, Tristina grabbed the steering wheel and tried to control the car. Unfortunately for her, the steering was completely useless and did not work whatsoever.

"I think you're forgetting just WHO is in control of that car, Tristina!" came a voice over the radio. "I have the controls in the palm of my hand and I'm not going to quit my chance at revenge!"

Now, however, Tristina could call for help.


Sally was busy eating lunch at the royal palace when she felt a vibration in her vest. She reached into it and pulled out NICOLE, who had a call for her.

"Snively's in the race!?" she asked as she heard Tristina's cries. "HE'S driving the Marengo!? He's after WHO?"

Sally ran outside to a blue Mazda RX-8 and gunned the engine. She headed straight for Danger Pass.


Snively gunned the Marengo's twin-turbocharged V12 engine and pulled up behind the Three Roses Club #6 car, a silver Ford GT like the others.


Snively didn't listen, of course.

Within moments, the #6 car was soaring over the edge.

The remaining Three Roses Club cars were now trying desperately to get ahead, now ignoring their "stay together" rule they seemed to have had earlier.

"LET ME HEAR YOU SCREAM!" Snively shouted into the wind.

Post by tiff15 on April 26th, 2020, 5:16 pm
Swearing to herself, Tristina (now liberated from the Swatbot and Snively's control) Tristina raised both hands and created a fully functional keyboard (the same one used by computers)

"You wanna control my car? I'll control your helicopter." Tristina growled, her eyes fading to pure white as she began typing furiously at the transparent keyboard, each key flashing briefly as it was hit.

As the lines of code began to flow across Snviley's computer, he struggled to recognize them. it was as if Tristina was speaking an entirely new language. as he looked closer at the screen, however, he noticed a different command...one he had only heard shouted by a certain priority one hedgehog...


"What is she..."

Snively gave a yelp as his helicopter began to shake as if it were being struck by rockets, smoke issuing from the overhead and tail blades of the helicopter.

Sonic raced through the canyons towards Danger Pass. "Tiffs in the driver's seat?!" He exclaimed into his wrist communicator. "Are you sure, Sal?" "the message came from her personal computer, MAC. Snively's controlling the car, according to Tristina." "I'm on my way, Sal. what's the plan to pull Tiff outta the car?" Sonic asked, the track of Danger Pass unveiling itself into his view.

Post by OctaScratchRock on April 26th, 2020, 7:22 pm
"We just have to get her out of it before it crashes or something." radioed Sally. "I'll try to grab her and pull her into my car. I need your help, though."

Snively struggled to keep control of the helicopter he stood in. "FINE, YOU LITTLE PRICK!" he said. "You wanna play rough? I'LL PLAY ROUGH!"

Snively intentionally aimed the Marengo for bumps and potholes to try and knock Tristina off her balance.

"I know you don't want to do this for me, but it's about time you realize that the remote controls aren't in the car at all! I've got them in the palm of my hand, and there's NOTHING YOU CAN DO!!!!"

The two remaining Three Roses Club cars were gunning through the cliffside. Neither one wanted to finish the race as roadkill.

Suddenly, a blue Mazda RX-8 made its appearance on the scene, quickly catching up to the swerving and unstable Marengo.

"TRISTINA!" called Sally over the roar of the Wankel Rotary engine powering her beautiful car.

Post by tiff15 on April 26th, 2020, 7:40 pm

Tristina's keyboard disappeared at Sally's shout, and she blinked as her eyes faded back into view. "Princess, I-AGH!" Tristina cried out as the car swerved yet again, slamming her against her harness while coming close to careening off a narrow stretch of the road.

"Snively's-" "I know!" Sally interrupted, putting her impressive car into cruise control while reaching through the passenger side window to grab Tristina.

both women cried out as the Marengo rammed into Sally's car, knocking them both off balance and almost throwing Sally out the passenger side door.

"Princess!" Tristina screamed, looking to the radio as Snively laughed. Tristina turned back to the radio. "Snively that's enough! you've had your revenge! The Princess had nothing to do with-" "YOU ALL WILL DIE JUST AS MY FATHER DID!" Snively shouted through the radio.

"I gotcha Sal."

Tristina smiled as Sonic caught Sally and pushed her back into her car. her smile turned to screams as the car sped ahead of Sally's before speeding towards the next 3 Roses Club car.

Post by OctaScratchRock on April 27th, 2020, 1:20 pm
(music during this scene)

"Gah!" Snively muttered. "These filthy rodents think they can stop me from having the revenge I've planned for SO LONG....... Well, pun intended, SO LONG to them!"

Snively continued to smash the Marengo against Sally's Mazda, trying and trying to force it over the edge.

"TRISTINA!" Sally shouted, trying to keep her car stable. "TRY AND FIND A WAY TO CUT THE CAR'S CONNECTION TO THE REMOTE CONTROL!"

The Marengo's radio came on. "Give up, Tristina. I've said before that the radio control mechanism isn't even IN the car! It's in my hands, and I'm hundreds of feet above you!"

The next Three Roses Club car was just in front of them. Snively began to speed up, attempting to focus more on it than Sally. Now with no one trying to smash her off the road, Sally's driving smoothed. She was now able to go much faster given the car's natural stability and control.

"Don't you smash that guy!" Sally muttered toward Snively.

Snively grinned as the next 3 Roses Club car received a sharp ram to the rear. He nearly crashed, but managed to straighten out his Ford GT just in time.

"JUST DIE, WILL YOU!" Snively shouted.

Another sharp ram did the trick. The #5 car was now burning at the bottom of the abyss.

"For my father....!" Snively muttered under his breath.

Post by tiff15 on April 27th, 2020, 1:46 pm
"It's not their fault!" Tristina shouted to the radio. she was just going into hacking mode again when she heard Sally's cry.

"You forget Needle Nose...I don't need to be near something to hack it!"
Tristina yelped as the Marengo swerved and hit another pothole, causing her newly conjured keyboard to fizzle out of existence. Just then, a loud BOOM came from under the Marengo's hood. frowning, Tristina raised her hand and began typing. after a few moments, her eyes faded back into focus.

swearing, Tristina brought back the computer sized keyboard and began to type.

Meanwhile, up above, the controls in Snively's hands began to shake, blinking wildly and vibrating slightly. a high pitched beeping began to emit from the controls as smoke continued to pour from the tail and overhead rotors of Snivleys helicopter.

Meanwhile, back down below, Sonic grabbed onto the side of the Marengo. "Yo Tiff you ready to blow this pop stand?" Sonic asked as Tristina pulled out of hacking mode. "Yes! but the buckles stuck on this harness!" Tristina cried, gathering up Mac and stabbing her still glowing transparent knife into the steering wheel.

Post by OctaScratchRock on April 27th, 2020, 2:46 pm
Music for this scene:

Snively saw sweating like a hog. "What's happening!?" he shouted as his helicopter was losing control. "Grr.....if I'm going down, YOU'RE COMING TO HELL WITH ME!"

He tried to steer the helicopter in the direction of the road.

Meanwhile, the Marengo was losing its control as well. With its driver distracted and with a tremendous gash in the steering column, the car was losing its steering and stability all at once.

"YOU NEED TO JUMP!" shouted Sally. "TO MY CAR!"

Sally pulled her RX-8 up alongside the Marengo, trying hard so that she didn't accidentally get hit by the swerving gray machine. That's when the two cars unintentionally collided, sending Sally losing control and knocking Tristina over.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" screamed Sally as her Mazda violently slid towards the edge.

The guardrail barely held up as Sally's Mazda slammed against it.

Sweating and swearing, Sally managed to get her car off the guardrail and back onto the road without plummeting to her doom. She again tried to safely pull alongside the speeding and swerving Marengo.

The Marengo skidded into the guardrail and began scraping against it, creating an unbearable "SKREEEEEEEEEEE" sound as metal scraped against metal.

Snively looked down on the scene with an evil grin as his helicopter sputtered and threatened to crash. "If I'm dead, I at LEAST want this girl to die...."

"SKREEEEEEEEEEEEK!!" The guardrail continued to creak from being scraped against. The Marengo had fully lost control as Snively's device was no longer in effect. The car was just aimlessly going 190 miles per hour with no destination other than death.

Tristina had seconds before the car would presumable break through the rails and plummet 12,000 feet to an explosive destruction.

"COME ON, TRISTINA! JUMP!!!!" screamed Sally! "DON'T DIE ON US!!!"

Post by tiff15 on April 27th, 2020, 2:59 pm

with one final tug, Tristina managed to get the buckle to release. grabbing Mac, Tristina used her arms to pull herself to the door of the Marengo.

she gasped as she looked up and saw Snively's helicopter, all control lost, careening quickly towards her car.
"IF I DIE, YOUR DYING WITH ME!" Snively screamed through the radio in the Marengo.

"I gotcha Tiff." Sonic said, his peach arms pulling her upper body out the window of the Marengo. grasping tight to Sonic, Tristina buried her head in his shoulder as -with a final pull- Sonic freed her from the car completely and ran towards Sally's RX 8.

wrenching the back door open, Sonic deposited both himself and a trembling Tristina into the backseat of Sally's car.

"I'm sorry...I'm sorry..." Tristina sobbed into her hands, her body shaking with both shock and relief that the nightmare was over.

Post by OctaScratchRock on April 27th, 2020, 3:23 pm
The helicopter crash landed into the Marengo. The smoldering debris of both the helicopter and the Marengo flew over the cliff and into the abyss, leaving a trail of fire and smoke behind them. Snively's body was completely incinerated in the blast.

"You've got no reason to be sorry!" said Sally. "You just saved two people's lives!" she pointed ahead at the two remaining Three Roses Club cars. "You're a hero!"

Sonic pat Tristina on the back lightly. "You're an absolute hero." he said. "There's a good reason why I consider you to be one of our greatest assets."

Sally looked down over the edge at the smoldering debris of the Marengo and Snively's helicopter.

"There's no way Snively could have survived. He's died in the very same place his father died." said Sally.

"Like father, like son." Sonic muttered to himself.

Sally looked at Tristina. "Why are you so sad? What do you think you've done...? From my perspective, you've saved the day!"

Post by tiff15 on April 27th, 2020, 4:28 pm
Tristina stared down at the smoldering wreckage of the Marengo and Snivleys helicopter.

"I think....I..."

the guilt, the overwhelming guilt, of the loss of the number 6 driver and of the driver of the white Toyota Chaser, crashed into Tristina's chest.

"I think she's still in shock, Sal." said Sonic, massaging the hedgehogs back.

"I was scared. Snively had a weapon that would make my hacking ability go haywire. He said two of my people died from it. I didn't...I never wanted to..."

Tristina buried her face into her knees and cried. she sat curled in a ball near Sonic and Sally, crying, releasing all the pent up emotion from the past 72 hours.

"I think...I need help." Tristina muttered, at last, sitting up.
"It's not over yet. There's still a lot of work to clean up Snivleys mess. I want to be in the front lines, but I think I need help first. Princess?" Tristina's red puffy eyes looked up at Sally as the ground squirrel looked back at her.

"I'll tell you everything that happened, everything about the Marengo. but...I need help. I don't think I can move past this on my own."

Post by OctaScratchRock on April 28th, 2020, 6:11 am
"Of course!" said Sally. "What else are friends for? I'll help you in any way I can."

Sally drove back down out of Danger Pass. As the roads started to look less bumpy and old, and the scenery started to look more inhabited, Tristina looked around. They pulled up back at Sally's palace soon afterward.

"Whatever it is you need help with, I'm the one to come to." said the blue vested chipmunk.

Post by tiff15 on April 28th, 2020, 5:24 pm
Tristina smiled as Sally brought out a temporary wheelchair for her to use. (her own had been destroyed in the fiery crash that destroyed the Marengo)

"Thank you, Princess," Tristina said as she shifted her body from the car to the new wheelchair.

**Two months later**

Tristina sighed as she clicked 'send' on the last E-mail and rubbed the spot over her nose. the doctors said the headaches were a side effect of the beam Snively had used on her, and would go away with time, but were aggravated with stress. True to her nature, once she was given a clean bill of physical health by the doctor, Tristina was back at work. She gave her full report to Sally almost a week after the accident, then worked with local Mobian Police confiscate any computers Snively had, as well as the warehouse where he had stored the Marengo.

As for the car, little was salvaged after the fiery crash, except for the X3 still on the bonnet of the car. much of the electronics and engine of the car were engulfed in flames, as was Snively's body and the helicopter he had used. the controls he had used to control Tristina's car were found by investigators, and quickly dissected and broken down by Tristina. Any information Snively had on Tristina was quickly confiscated and filed away by Sally. All that remained of Snivleys 'Revenge' now was the red tape.

That evening, Tristina wheeled into the pub de la Paix qui coule to meet with the Princess and Sonic. as she wheeled into the room however, she noticed someone new sitting with them. "Oh, Tristina!" said Sally, standing. "How are you?" "Glad its all over." said Tristina with relief. "If I never hear the word Marengo again, it will be to soon." "about that..." said Sally, turning to the unknown man. "Tristina, this is Fredric Gobsmad. He was the driver of the number 8 car of the Three Roses Club" Tristina shook his head somewhat shamefacedly. "The Princess tells me your the heroine who saved my car...and my life."

OOC: BTW, I used google translate to translate the pub's name into English. Pub of flowing peace. it seemed like a great place to wrap things up. Take it away, OctaScratchRock

Post by OctaScratchRock on April 28th, 2020, 6:30 pm
"I think you may have made a new friend." said Sally happily.

She reached into her vest and pulled out a piece of metal.

"Just as a reminder of this adventure, I'm letting you keep this. We found it at the crash site."

It was the metal plate from the hood of the Marengo reading "X3."

Post by tiff15 on April 29th, 2020, 1:44 pm
Tristina stared at the plate for an unknown amount of time. "Princess I..." she closed her eyes, and scenes from the past 72 hours replayed like a film behind her eyelids.

"I just need you to pretend to drive a car for me, that's all. I'd hate to have to punish you."

"I honestly don't think you want a third dose, do you? Most of your Mikanuean counterparts barely lasted 2. given, you always have been more stubborn than even your freedom fighter allies. must be a recurring trait in hedgehogs."

"Honestly, Hacker, given how much of a thorn you were in Robotnik's side during the war, I would have thought you would have put up more of a fight. Not as tough as you pretended, eh?"

"I doubt you have a choice."

"I think you're forgetting just WHO is in control of that car, Tristina!"

"Grr.....if I'm going down, YOU'RE COMING TO HELL WITH ME!"

with a gasp, Tristina was snapped out of her revere and back to the pub de la Paix qui coule.

"No princess, in any case, that plate belongs in a museum. As a symbol to the people that we had a history before Robotnik and Snively, and we'll have one after as well. I appreciate the offer, though." said Tristina, pushing the plate back towards Sally.

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In the Soul of a hedgehog [STATUS: FINISHED]


Post by tiff15 on April 26th, 2020, 5:03 pm
I was inspired to do this RP by 'The Revenge of Marengo' by OctaScratchRock. Tristina is captured on a late-night recon mission for Sally. with Robotization out of the question, Robotnik's only other choice is torture. This story entails how Tristina earns her nickname of 'Priority 2: Hacker'. Other than that, I have no real objective here. send me a PM if you have any questions, but feel free to join!
High-security cell 187.

Tristina scanned everything that even remotely resembled electronics in hopes of finding SOMETHING to help her escape. everything, from the flickering light above her to the electronic lock on her cell was triple coded.

clenching her light blue hair and quills in her fingers, she doubled over to block out the buzzing of the light. come ON, Tristina. THINK! she growled mentally to herself.

there had to be SOMETHING in this useless garbage pit. panicking won't help you, hacker. Tristina thought, straightening up, cracked her neck, and took a calming breath.

the second she did, she immediately started coughing.

The air in the cell was even more toxic than it was outside.

There's only one option. wait for a swatbutt to come open the cell door, ram 'em, then wheel the heck outta here...or at least to the nearest air duct. Tristina smirked at her own joke, knowing Sonic could probably think of something catchier.

her ears perked as Tristina recognized the telltale signs of someone entering the cell block.

growling low in her throat, Tristina's black-gloved hands pushed her wheelchair back to the far wall, her muscles tensing as she prepared to put her plan into action.

Post by OctaScratchRock on April 29th, 2020, 2:25 pm
A pair of SWATbots walked into the room. One of them was holding something in its hand. It was a piece of paper, most likely a map or something. But then again, weren't SWATbots programmed to know their way around? Tristina waited around the corner for her moment.

"So, here are the instructions Robotnik wanted us to follow." one of the SWATbots said.

"Do you think he'll give me that promotion?" the second one asked.

"Nah, that one's mine." said the other.

Post by tiff15 on April 29th, 2020, 3:49 pm
The only thing you two are getting is a Demotion to the scrap yard! Tristina thought, shaking her head to clear it of the swatbots speaking so casually with each other. forming a glowing transparent knife, Tristina waited quietly for them to approach her cell. "Priority 2 hacker. Dr. Robotnik wishes to question you." the first reported.

the second the cell door creaked open, Tristina shot forward, ramming the robot right in the pelvis. as it struggled to stand, Tristina hurled the knife at the one holding the paper. which collapsed from the encoded knifes 'reboot' script. "I'll take that," said Tristina, snatching the paper out of its hand. Tristina covered her ears as the piercing wail of the siren began to shrilly announce her escape. "Priority 2 hacker, halt!" the first swatbot ordered, getting to its feet.

"Bite me," Tristina growled, dodging the swatbots blast before wheeling down the hall. What does Tubby want with me, anyway? He cant robotize me, he knows that. I'll just wreck his machine. Tristina quickly raced down the hall, turning left, then right, then left again. as she turned another random corner, she ran into none other than Robotnik himself. "and this day just got worse." she muttered as Swatbots surrounded her.

Post by OctaScratchRock on April 30th, 2020, 6:35 am
"I see you've made a turn for the worse...." said Robotnik.

Two hovercars full of SWATbots pulled up behind them.

Robotnik turned around to look at one of them.

"Take our little hacker here to interrogation. Let's see what she's found out and what we can find out from her." said Robotnik.

Some SWATbots got out of one of the hovercars and grabbed Tristina. They practically dragged her along until they entered a mostly empty room except for a chair.

Soon after they had seated Tristina and strapped her to the chair did Robotnik walk in.

"Now, my girl....." said Robotnik. "We can do this the easy way or the hard way. Your choice."

Post by tiff15 on April 30th, 2020, 11:22 am
Tristina closed her eyes and let out a deep breath. clenching her fists, she opened her eyes and sat as straight as her bindings against the chair would allow.

"If you think, for one second, that I am even remotely afraid of you or your tin soldiers then you are sadly, sadly mistaken...Doctor." Tristina said in a slow, steady tone. "You are the reason I became an orphan, you are the reason I lost my ability to walk, and you are the reason my friends have to hide from you and your wretched machines. As I see it, right now, I have absolutely no reason to cooperate and every reason to resist every one of your disgusting, sickening advances. after all..."

Tristina smiled as her hands began glowing and her pupils faded from view. after a few moments, the small computer nearest Robotnik began to let out a irritating whistle and sparking wildly. with one final flash of light, the computer gave a violent shudder and began to smoke.

"..Your machines won't work if you can't control them." Tristina finished, eyes fading back into view.

Post by OctaScratchRock on May 1st, 2020, 6:49 pm
Robotnik quickly looked around him. "How did you-" he muttered.


Snively came rushing in with a simple poker stick. "Here you are." he said. "You filthy toad...." he muttered under his breath.

"What did you say?" asked Robotnik.

"Um- I'll key in your CODE, sir." said Snively. And with that, he left.

Robotnik looked back at Tristina.

"What else do your abilities allow you to do?" he asked. "Also, what did you learn before we caught you?"

Post by tiff15 on May 2nd, 2020, 12:12 pm
"Now now, Doctor," said Tristina, smiling, "It wouldn't be fair to my friends if I told you that now would it?"

Robotnik merely snarled, then carried the fireplace poker over to some hot coals and shoved the poker in between the coals. "I am a patient man, hacker," he said softly, pulling the poker out and examining the now glowing reddish-white end. smirking, he presented the poker to Tristina.

"Even I have my limits, however. Now tell me about your powers or..." Robotnik raised back with his arm and stabbed the searing hot iron poker into Tristina's arm. the hedgehog screamed, squirming as she attempted to get away from the pain. Snarling at Robotnik, Tristina clenched her left fist as her eyes faded from view. suddenly, Robotnik's right arm began to glow, twitch, then the fingers flexed on his right hand. just then, his right hand grabbed the poker from his left hand. after a brief struggle, Tristina let out a yell as Robotnik's right hand wrenched away the poker and threw it across the room.

letting out a pained whine, Tristina's eyes faded back in as she examined the seared hole the poker had left.

"The only freak I see, is the one who can't control both his arms," said Tristina, clicking her tongue.

Post by OctaScratchRock on May 2nd, 2020, 8:48 pm
Robotnik was terrified.

"SNIVELY!!" Robotnik shouted. "BOARD UP THIS ROOM!" Quickly, some SWATbots ran over and began to seal the room just as Robotnik left it.

"If we can't hurt her, we'll just have to contain her." reasoned Robotnik.

That's when Tristina got a call from Sally.

"What have you collected so far? Any good news?" asked Sally.

Post by tiff15 on May 3rd, 2020, 1:25 pm
"If you are hearing this message," Tristina's wheelchair replied, a light flashing on the communication button. "I have been temporarily separated from my wheelchair. Rest assured this will be quickly rectified, but your query may not be answered right away. Sorry for the inconvenience"


Meanwhile, still strapped to the chair, Tristina was busy commandeering the swatbot that had remained with her while the room was being sealed. after a few moments of jerking, the swatbot walked over to Tristina and began to unbuckle her restraints. Tristina sighed and rubbed her wrists, then began to free her legs as the commandeered swatbot walked to the door and used its mounted arm laser to begin to cut through the thick steel to the room.

"Now...for my transport." Tristina muttered to herself, looking at a bracelet on her left wrist which held a 'recall' button for her wheelchair.

Still in the hall where Tristina had last left it, a light on one right hand key panel began to flash. backing up by itself, the wheelchair sped off towards the interrogation room.

Post by OctaScratchRock on May 4th, 2020, 11:18 am
Meanwhile upstairs, Robotnik and Snively were talking.

"I need you to develop a new kind of technology. One that cannot be hacked." said Robotnik.

"There's simply no way." said Snively. "All technology is connected by the grid, and is therefore accessible throughout."

"Then we'll have to develop something OFF the grid." replied Robotnik.

"I'm trying to tell you there simply isn't a way to!" said Snively.

Robotnik grabbed Snively by the collar.

"Are you saying my idea is bad?"

Snively shook his head. "N-no, sir! I'd never do such a thing! I'll try to work on something new for you."

Robotnik released Snively and grinned. "Excellent."

But, as Robotnik was about to leave the room, he turned around. "Oh, and Snively!" he called. "Make sure the hacker doesn't get her electrifying hands on my latest plans."

Post by tiff15 on May 4th, 2020, 1:55 pm
"Hello, old friend," said Tristina as her wheelchair wheeled to the side of her interrogation chair and stopped obediently. using her arms to raise herself out of the chair, Tristina threw her useless legs over the armrests of the wheelchair and allowed the rest of her body to fall into place.

"Hmm. Message from the Princess. I'll have to check it out later. For now, better cover my tracks so Tubby doesn't catch on too quickly." Tristina muttered, glancing up at a camera set to monitor the room. taking a deep breath, Tristina raised her glowing hand towards the camera and concentrated as her eyes began to fade out.

as her eyes faded back in, Tristina lowered her hand and smiled. "Good. all previously recorded data since Robotnik left the room has been replaced with a looping image of me still strapped to the chair. That should buy me at least an hour's time." Tristina then looked around the room. "Let's see, spy on Chrome dome or finish the mission and leave?" Tristina then looked at the still aching wound in her shoulder. "Got it. check Robotnik's mainframe for any new developments, then stop by the swatbot factory to pick up some electronic stuff for Sally and Rotor."

Nodding to herself, she quietly wheeled herself out of the hole the swatbot had created began to make her way to a nearby air duct.

Post by OctaScratchRock on May 5th, 2020, 8:58 am
Robotnik looked down at his master plan.

"I'll be able to take down the Freedom Fighters before they even know I'm onto them." he said to himself.

Meanwhile, Snively had himself a look at the security cameras. From what he could tell, Tristina was still locked in her cell, perfectly contained. If only Snively knew the truth.

Post by tiff15 on May 5th, 2020, 1:56 pm
It's working perfectly Tristina thought, sensing Snively was checking the security cameras. letting out a shaky exhale, Tristina stopped in the air vent just outside of Robotnik's command center. raising her hand, Tristina's eyes faded from view as she took control of a security camera mounted in the room. after a few moments, Tristina was able to see what the camera saw.

Looks like chrome dome is working on something big. Tristina thought, making the camera zoom in past Robotnik's shoulder. unable to make out more due to the dictator's girth, Tristina (after making the camera think there had been a brief 'power outage') began checking on the files already stored about whatever Robotnik was planning. spotting a file labeled 'top secret', Tristina entered a few key worded commands and was soon viewing a copy stored in Robotnik's mainframe.

Seems tubby's working on creating a separate file storage facility off from the Robotropolis mainframe. Maybe, if I can get a jump on the security measures, I'll be able to create a secret entrance for myself and the freedom fighters.

Tristina continued to browse the files, not noting anything else unusual. typical status updates, factory output records, robotization rates, old citizen records, robotized maintenance and upgrades. Ah, here we go. 'Master Plan 5/5/3020. alright, chrome dome. what are you planning? Tristina thought, browsing the file while also listening in case anything of interest was said while she was hacking.

Post by OctaScratchRock on May 5th, 2020, 6:54 pm
Apparently, Robotnik had been working on a unique strain of mud which infects water. By altering some of the genetics found in normal mud, he was able to make it infectious: once it came into contact with a living being, it would flood their systems and clog their blood flow, resulting in a very painful yet effective death. Robotnik's plan: dump it into Mobuis' four major rivers. Surely, Knothole had to get their water from SOMEWHERE, so the mud would eventually end up in Knothole's drinking water, eliminating the resistance.

"If this doesn't work, nothing will." muttered Robotnik. "And to think they'll be killed by mud."

Post by tiff15 on May 6th, 2020, 2:12 pm
Not good. definitely not good. thought Tristina, slowly wheeling backwards down the air duct until she could turn around. Letting tubby know I overheard him might cause him to speed up his plans, so for now it may be best to take things quietly until I can get out of here.

arriving at a T junction in the air duct, Tristina backed into the corner section, then continued forward down her path. using Spider Mode to climb out of the air duct where there were no security cameras, Tristina finally picked up speed and wheeled to Robotnik's nearby factory. Filling the backpack on her handlebars with as many computer chips as she could carry, Tristina quietly wheeled out of the factory just as the 'loop' she had placed on the security camera ended.

"As blue would say, lets blow this pop stand." Tristina said, revving up and heading down the main thoroughfare towards the outskirts of the city. while leaving, Tristina tapped the communication button on her wheelchair.

"Princess!" she called over the swatbots approaching sirens. "Have I got news for you!"

Post by OctaScratchRock on May 6th, 2020, 5:40 pm
Sally felt a vibrating object in her vest. It was NICOLE with a call from Tristina. Sally quickly reached into her vest and pulled out NICOLE, answering the call without a second to spare.

"Tristina?" Asked Sally. "Is this you?"

Post by tiff15 on May 6th, 2020, 6:19 pm
without preamble, Tristina began explaining about Robotnik genetically altering a unique strain of mud planning to poison the water supply.

"I'll be happy to give Nichole any files I have on this plan of his, Princess." Tristina finished. "but what are we going to do to protect ourselves from this? by my calculations, this disease would spread like wildfire and affect not only us but all animal life on the planet!"

Meanwhile, Robotnik was busy doing damage control of his own. (or rather, Snivley was, and Robotnik was taking the credit) 'WHAT DO YOU MEAN THE HACKER ESCAPED AND SAW THE PLAN??" Robotnik roared, grabbing Snivley by the collar of his shirt.

Post by OctaScratchRock on May 7th, 2020, 7:06 pm
"I swear!" said Snively, stuttering. "The camera said she was still locked up!"

Robotnik, as usual, showed no mercy at all.

Meanwhile, Sally requested that Tristina upload all information she had uncovered to NICOLE for analyzing.

"If Robotnik thinks he can poison us," said Sally, "we're just going to have to prove him wrong."

Post by tiff15 on May 8th, 2020, 12:04 pm
Tristina bit her lip. she hadn't thought of HOW to upload the files to Nichole when leaving Robotropolis. she had been too focused on leaving. "Princess...to the get the files to Nichole...I'm afraid I must ask permission first." "Tristina, whatever you have to access to transfer the files, I'll do my best to grant you that access."

Tristina gave a weak smile, then looked back at the computer sitting quietly on the wooden table in front of her. "I solemnly swear, Princess, I will not hack Nichole." Tristina said before raising her left hand as her eyes faded from view. "requesting access to storage disk of unit Nichole." Tristina said in monotone voice. on Nichole's screen, lights began to flash. "warning, unauthorized access detected." Nichole announced. "its okay, Nichole. grant Tristina access to storage on holographic disk" said Sally gently "working..." Nichole replied.

after a few moments of silence, Nichole announced. "Files received. display?" "affirmative." said Sally, smiling. as Tristina lowered her hand and her head, a holographic screen appeared in front of Sally with several small paper like projections. as Tristina's eyes faded back in, Sally put her hand over her mouth. "Its just like you said." said Sally as Tristina wheeled to her side. "this could effect all life on mobius." "There must be a loophole we can use." said Tristina thoughtfully, her eyes leaping from one file to the next.

Post by OctaScratchRock on May 8th, 2020, 12:38 pm
"We need you back at Knothole at once!" said Sally, ever worried. "We've got to come up with a plan as quickly as we can, and we need to let everybody know that their drinking water might be toxic!!!"


Snively sat on Robotnik's chair, doodling a picture with some old crayons. It was a picture of a gray car.

"Someday, I'll have my revenge...." he muttered.

Suddenly, the door burst open. Robotnik came storming in.

"Don't tell me you're thinking of your blasted PAST again....." said Robotnik.

"Oh----NO!" said Snively, hiding the drawing.

"Good." said Robotnik. "Because I already have OTHER things to be furious about!"

Robotnik pointed at the giant computer screen in his lair. "See this?" he asked. "It's footage of that hacker ESCAPING!!!!"

Snively was already sweating much like a cow at at hamburger joint. "I tried hard!" he pleaded. "I did everything I could have done to try and stop her! She was just too powerful! You can't expect me to be able to just satisfy EVERY mission, including the ones I'm not capable of!"

Robotnik was absolutely furious with Snively's choice of words. He grabbed Snively by the throat, almost choking him to death.

"I can't WHAT?" Robotnik asked in his most menacing tone.

"N-nothing!" Snively said, gasping for air.

"Mmmm.......good." said Robotnik, dropping Snively to the floor.

Robotnik walked out of the room. "She might have gotten away with my plans...." Robotnik thought to himself. "I'd better launch them into action before they have any time to react!"

Post by tiff15 on May 8th, 2020, 5:43 pm
Tristina slowed her wheeling to a 'jog' pace as she made her way over Knotholes bridge. As she arrived at the top, she stopped and looked back. "Yo Tiff!" Sonic called smiling...a smile that fell as Tristina held up a hand while she was looking back towards the trees.

Sonic frowned as Tristina lowered her hand and shook her head, muttering "I knew it wouldn't last." "What's up?" Sonic asked, volunteering to push his friend to the large table where the freedom fighters were meeting.

Tristina didn't speak again until Princess Sally was in earshot. "Robotnik knows that I've escaped and that I overheard his plans about the toxic mud. He's moving ahead with his plans ahead of schedule. Princess, if we're going to survive the next 24 hours, I strongly suggest we act as soon as possible. in essence, now."

"what about earlier? you said 'you knew it wouldn't last'" said Sonic. Tristina sighed again. "I set up a dummy loop of me in my cell in hopes that it would cover my escape, and buy Knothole some time. Unfortunately, it expired too soon, and here we are." Tristina explained.

Post by OctaScratchRock on May 8th, 2020, 6:55 pm
Sally looked around the room at everybody.

Rotor was just leaning against a table staring at her, clueless of what to say.

Tails was sitting down on the windowsill, tapping his fingers.

Sally rubbed her hand through her hair. "I doubt there's anything TO do except try to find another source of drinking water." she said. "And I guess we'll need another source of bath water as well."

Deep down, Sally knew those words wouldn't help. In her opinion, though, they were better than standing there and saying nothing blankly.

Post by tiff15 on May 9th, 2020, 11:56 am
Tristina stared down at her lap, frowning. "we cant just give up." she said determinedly, before looking at the Princess. "Princess, may I look at the files again?"

Once Nichole had brought up the files, Tristina examined each one. for a long time, the group sat in silence, only perking up slightly when Tristina switched to a new file and began perusing that one. "Robotnik plans to head to the Great North river to dump the toxic mud." she said at last. "what if I created a encoded knife to seal the hatches which release the virus? also, if Rotor and I work together, we may be able to create a anti toxin to enrich the water. the anti-toxin would attack the virus and neutralize it before it even began to spread!"

The freedom fighters perked up. they had a plan. not just one plan, but two! all eyes fell to Sally. "Princess? thoughts?" Tristina asked.

Post by OctaScratchRock on May 9th, 2020, 12:26 pm
Sally smiled confidently.

"Let's get to it." she said, nodding a little.


"Don't tell me you're daydreaming about that stupid X3 crash your dad had." said Robotnik.

"No!" said Snively. "I've forgotten about it completely!"

"Good." said Robotnik. "Because we have work to do."

Post by tiff15 on May 9th, 2020, 1:21 pm
The following day, Sally and Rotor flew on Dulcy while Bunnie rode on the back of Tristina's wheelchair and Antoine clung to Sonic. all were dressed in their thickest coats and parkas to battle the chilly wind of the North.

grouping next to the north river, the freedom fighters discussed their plan.

"Okay, Tiff, when the blimp arrives, throw your knife, then keep Robuttnik and Snotly distracted. Sal and Rote will start dumping the anti toxin stuff along the river. Antoine and Bunnie, you guys will hold off any swatbots that start to attack. Dulc, watch Tiffs back and keep the hover units off her. If all goes to plan, chrome dome wont know what hit him!"

"Let's Do it to it!"

the group then hid among the mountains to wait for Robotnik to arrive. Tristina held three glowing transparent knives in her lap, her wheelchair ready to switch to hover mode at a moments notice.

Post by OctaScratchRock on May 9th, 2020, 9:25 pm
Over the hill, Robotnik's convoy spotted the Freedom Fighters incoming.

Robotnik began to think.

"Now, what's my best plan for attack?" he thought. "Do I want to try and flank them or do I want a frontal attack?"

Robotnik studied the area and decided that surrounding them on three sides would be best.

He gave the orders to his SWATbots on the move to attack.

Post by tiff15 on May 10th, 2020, 3:56 pm
with a flick of her fingers, Tristina was airborne, her wheelchairs wheels (moved to beneath and behind her wheelchair and transformed into spinning fan blades ). she sensed a hover unit's laser pass her shoulder, but ignored it as Dulcy's icy dragon breath responded in kind.

flying low to not attract Robotnik's attention, Tristina flung the knives with almost laser-like precision, they sank into the funnels that would release the toxin and began to glow blue.

"Snivley!" Robotnik bellowed. "douse them in the mud toxin!"

"I can't sir!" Snivley yelped, frantically pressing buttons. "both the main and emergency release hatches have been sealed."

"sealed?!" Robotnik hissed, "BY WHAT?"

as if to answer, Tristina popped up in her hovering wheelchair, winked, then held up her hand as Robotnik's arm began to glow blue.

"Let's play a game, Robuttnik." Tristina growled, smiling evilly. Robotnik's robotic fist then clenched and swung to connect with the side of his head. "Stop hitting yourself. Stop hitting yourself. Stop hitting yourself." Tristina laughed at each connect.

Post by OctaScratchRock on May 10th, 2020, 8:04 pm
As Robotnik struggled to contain his rage, his army were suffering as well. Sonic charged up a spin dash and blasted through three SWATbots in a row. Sally's skills with a laser proved powerful as she kept the robots at a distance.

However, Tristina was so happy and excited beating up Robotnik that she forgot one key detail. The gigantic vats of toxic mud were now beginning to crack. Being sealed had overrun the pressure of the vats, and they were now about to burst!

Tristina was only able to notice when it was too late.


Sally looked up. The vats had burst open and the toxic goop was flooding everywhere. SWATbots were retreating. Robotnik was genuinely terrified. Of course, he tried not to show it.

Post by tiff15 on May 11th, 2020, 1:57 am
"Okay, time for plan B" Tristina muttered, flicking the control stick and flying down to Sally. "Princess, get everyone out of here! I'll use the blimp to try to create a dam!"

The Princess nodded, then raced over to Sonic. with another flick of her joystick, Tristina flew towards the blimp and waved to Dulcy to get her attention. "Can you freeze as much of that muck as you can to give me time to make a dam with Robuttnik's blimp?" Tristina asked, smiling when the dragon gave her a mock salute then flew towards the leaking tanks. "don't get too close, though!" Tristina warned as she flew towards the cockpit to see Robotnik already scrambling towards his own hovercraft.

shaking her head, Tristina mumbled "coward" and created her signature full light keyboard to begin to hack the blimps controls.

Post by OctaScratchRock on May 11th, 2020, 7:13 pm
Robotnik was already trying to start up his hovercraft. He pressed the starter over and over but it simply did him no good. He started looking around for any signs of damage to the vehicle.

It didn't take him very long to find it; mud was swallowing up the vehicle and had jammed the engines shut.

For the first time in ages, Robotnik genuinely feared for his own life.

Post by tiff15 on May 13th, 2020, 3:28 pm
as she steered the blimp towards the edge of the toxic mud fallout, she noticed a slight hiccup: Robotniks escape bay doors hadn't opened.

examining the internal mechanics, she saw the problem.

Robotnik's hovercraft mechanics were flooding with the toxic mud!

for one moment...one agonizing moment...Tristina considered doing nothing. It would be doing the planet AND the princess a great world of good to let the dictator die. Look at all he's done! Look at all he will do if he's allowed to live

against her better judgement, Tristina swore to herself and opened a com link between Robotnik's hovercraft (triple encoded so he couldn't trace the line back to her) and to Sally. (also triple encoded so Robotnik couldn't trace the line to Nichole or Sally)

Meanwhile, at a safe distance, Sally noticed a light on Nichole. "Incoming message." Nichole reported. "play message, Nichole." said Sally.

"Attention Doctor Ivo Robotnik and Princess Sally Alicia Acorn. this is Tristina the hedgehog. I am allowing Robotnik to escape the blimp, despite my better judgement."

Sonic, Sally, Antoine, Rotor, Bunnie and Dulcy looked up as the blimp crashed, engulfing in flames. through the smoke, the freedom fighters could faintly make out the outline of Robotniks signature black and red hovercraft fleeing into the distance.

"Princess, despite what this may seem, my intention was not to betray you or mobius. A freedom fighter respects and honors all life, despite the actions or the consequences of the spared. I will submit myself to court martial if deemed necessary. Robotnik, I know you can hear me as well as the Princess. know this, Doctor. you will be defeated. your empire will fall. despite your best efforts to exterminate both myself and my friends, you have already lost. I have shown you what you never can. Mercy. Doctor Ivo Robotnik. whether you care or not, you are now indebted to the one you hate the most. you are indebted to a hedgehog. End transmission"

one final explosion cut off Tristina's message to both Robotnik and Sally.

"Look!" cried Bunnie.

through the smoke and the haze of the recent explosion, Tristina's hover chair could be seen flying towards them. as she landed, Tristina said nothing, but nearly doubled over in deference to Sally.

"I await your judgement, My Princess." Tristina said loudly enough for Sally to hear.

Post by OctaScratchRock on May 14th, 2020, 8:10 am
Sally bowed toward the hedgehog. "I admire your sense of chivalry and mercy." she said. "Likely, Robotnik WILL strike again, but you've shown that you are not a blind warrior today. You've shown us that your power and strength does NOT corrupt you, and that you still possess just as much of a heart as all of us."

Tristina bowed in her wheelchair, satisfied and grinning.

Sonic looked off over the horizon. "Well, I'm glad Ro-butt-nik's gone!" he said. "But what's to become of all this toxic mud? Surely we can't just leave it all here!"

Post by tiff15 on May 14th, 2020, 3:56 pm
Tristina looked back at the problem in question. "Maybe Rotor and I could research it? not only to find an adjustable cure in case 'Buttnik tries this again," said Tristina, holding up her hands at the Princess' confused expression. "but maybe also a remedy in case the surrounding area is affected by the toxin. I can collect a sample by flying over with a flask without having to step foot (pardon the pun) in the stuff or surrounding areas."

"that's great for the future, sugar-Tiff." said Bunnie, smiling kindly. "but what about right now? like sugah hog said, we can't just leave that gunk there."

Tristina stared at the smoldering blimp in question, frowning in thought.

"too bad we can't use that blimp to scoop that muck straight back to Robotropolis," said Sonic grimly.

"that's perfect!" Tristina cried, snapping her fingers. Tristina then raised her hand and created a holographic display. speaking in a voice devoid of emotion, images began to appear on the display. "With the Princess' permission, Dulcy and I could use the blimp as a makeshift bowl to lift the toxic mud down the valley to Robotropolis, then dump it right at Robotnik's doorstep. It wouldn't harm anything since everything is mechanical, and it would give the gunk time to break down enough for the next rainstorm to wash it away."

Post by OctaScratchRock on May 14th, 2020, 8:11 pm
Sally smiled. "Well, if that's your plan. All the other plans you've given us have worked well, anyway! So, why not?"

Everyone looked at Tristina and then at Sally. They all nodded.

Post by tiff15 on May 15th, 2020, 4:04 am
Tristina bit back the objection that the Princess was forgetting about her throwing knives, and decided to let it go. The princess (and in turn, the freedom fighters) had cleared her. For now, it would be enough.

"Dulcy, at your ready!" Tristina called, tapping the winged key on her wheelchair.

using the rope provided by Rotor, Tristina and Dulcy slowly lifted the smoldering blimp then began to drag the empty airbag towards the gunk. Slowly, but with precision, the gunk filled the blimps airbag. the carraige broke off as the duo neared the trees, but Sally reassured both of them it was alright. the airbag held.

Tristina looked over at Dulcy, who was straining under her own load. the dragon caught Tristina's eyes, looked at the trees, and shook her head. Tristina slammed her fingers on the contact button on her wheelchair. "Princess, we have a problem! the gunk's too heavy to lift over the trees. Dulcy and I don't have enough strength!"

Post by OctaScratchRock on May 15th, 2020, 6:25 pm
Sally snapped her fingers. "I think I know how to solve that problem!" she said.

She spun her head.

"Sonic! I think you know what to do!"


Robotnik sighed. "There's gotta be some kind of way to defeat the Freedom Fighters. Every time I come up with a perfect new plan, someone or something causes it to fail!!!"

Snively walked in. "Then maybe you could help me with my revenge for my fa-"

"NO!" shouted Robotnik. "JUST NO ALREADY!!!"

Post by tiff15 on May 17th, 2020, 7:56 pm
as the two humanoid masses continued to bicker amongst themselves, a static screen overtook the middle screen. significantly distracted from their quarrel, the two took their allotted places as words began to appear in a light blue text.

What You would use to destroy us, we graciously return to you. remember your debt, Julian.
very UNtruely yours,
Priority One Hedgehog and Priority Two Hacker

Alarms masked human screams as the ground shook and dust easily rained from its place in the rafters.

"Snivley, what WAS that?"

"I really don't know, SIR." Snivley cried in a voice thinly tinged with fear of reprimand. "Surveillance orbs and swatbots en route."

after a few moments of tense silence, the screen to the left of the cryptic message flickered to life to reveal a swatbot factory now coated in thick, moss green toxic mud. beneath the mud were remnants of what was once a functioning blimp.

"Snivley." Robotnik hissed. Snivley instinctively flinched and looked at the seething dictator. "Issue this order to all swatbots, stealth bots, worker bots, and swatbot walkers. from this day forth, Tristina the hedgehog will go by the code name: Priority two Hacker. Next to Sonic and Princess Sally, her capture and either death or detainment is to take priority above EVERYTHING except Priority One Hedgehog."

"Y-Yes sir," said Snivley, placing aside his own plans and getting to work at issuing the proclamation.

"The girl wanted my attention." Robotnik snarled, steepling his hands. "She now has it. in. full."


"...Death or detainment will take priority above everything except Priority One Hedgehog."
Tristina reported her eyes fading back in as she lowered her hand.

disconnecting from Robotnik's mainframe, Tristina blinked as she once again took control of her own body.

"Seems like tubby got the message, Princess."

"Great work, Sonic!" cheered Rotor as Sally raced over to plant a celebratory kiss on Sonics cheek.

"I figured that tornado would hurl that muck right back to Robuttniks front door." said Sonic boastfully. "Where'd you say it landed, Tiff?"

"The report said on a swatbot factory. Number 22602 if I'm not mistaken." Tristina replied, going back into hacking mode to check.

Sonic only tapped his shoe twice as Tristina spoke in a monotone voice. "Affirmative. Swatbot factory 22602 has been decimated by the unconfirmed projectile and toxic mud. all worker bots ordered to retreat for evaluation, then return for maintenance protocols." Tristina closed her eyes and bowed her head.

once she had returned to her body yet again. Tristina turned to Sonic. "Your uncle is safe, Sonic. He wasn't scheduled to report for duty when the 'unknown projectile' hit."

"Way past, Tiff. Or should I say..." Sonic said with a nudge. "Priority Two Hacker."

Tristina merely laughed as the freedom fighters lifted her from her wheelchair and tossed her celebratorily in the air.

The End.

I have to say, I had an absolute blast writing this RP. a very VERY special thank you to 'OctaScratchRock' for participating and helping write this RP! I'll probably take a little break to get back to work on my YouTube channel and other fan fiction *coughBook5MagaMayhemcough* but I hope to get to do another Role play in the future. maybe have more people join? I dunno. I need some time to think about what it would be about and all that fun stuff.
Anyways, thanks again to OctaScratchRock for the inspiration and helping to write this story, and thank YOU for reading! See Y'all later!


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The Great Swamp Scramble


Post by tiff15 on May 30th, 2020, 7:49 pm
"In pursuit of Priority Two Hacker. sector Alpha Zulu"

Tristina snarled as she tapped the hover mode button on her wheelchair. Hopefully, the modified accelerator in her backpack would save Sonic the trouble of the hovercraft and swatbots being as fast as him. It was easy enough to break into Robotnik's lab and steal the accelerator, but getting back out had proven difficult.

"Priority Two Hacker Now bearing southeast in Sector seven, quadrant 35"

steering the wheelchair (technically a 'hover chair' now) with the joystick on her right, Tristina began fashioning a throwing knife with her left hand. as she moved her fingers, the knife seemed to materialize out of thin air, starting at the tip of the blade and finishing at the hilt, etched into the transparent blade were coded instructions in Tristina's native language, Mikanuean. Tristina just managed to throw it before a laser beam struck the control panel at her right hand. screaming, Tristina struggled to control her now death spiraling wheelchair. barely managing to shift back to ground mode in time, Tristina landed roughly in ankle deep muck of the Great Swamp. Knowing the Swatbots would be hot on her heels, Tristina covered her damaged wheelchair with reeds, then rolled over on her back and, scooting backwards, used a palm frond to cover her tracks. finding a small burrow under a overhanging rock, Tristina (little though she wanted to) lowered her upper body to neck deep in the muck and hid underneath the rock backed into the burrow. holding her breath, Tristina saw the tell tale metallic boots of the swatbots. "Target lost. returning to base."

Tristina let out a sigh as she heard the hovercrafts leaving. it was too late to try to repair her wheelchair now, as the sun was setting over the horizon. Once she was sure the swatbots were gone, Tristina clambered to her wheelchair and pressed the contact button to contact Nichole.
"Tristina? is that you? do you have the accelerator?"

"affirmative princess, but my wheelchair was damaged after a swatbot encounter. I'm going to hunker down in the Great Swamp and try to fix it in the morning."

"Okay. Just be careful."

"Will do, Princess. Tristina out."

Post by OctaScratchRock on May 31st, 2020, 9:12 pm

Snively sat down in Robotnik's chair, pretending to be him.

"Oh, I hate that hedgehog! Oh, Snively, do this! Snively, do that! Haw haw haw!"

Suddenly, Snively felt breath on his back.

"Mocking me, are you....?"

Snively spun around, and there was Robotnik, pissed off as usual.

"SIR! Um, do you need anything....?" Snively asked.

Robotnik grinned. "I ALWAYS need SOMETHING."

Post by tiff15 on June 2nd, 2020, 3:54 pm
swallowing hard, Snivley scrambled out of Robotnik's chair over the sidearm and ran back to his station. "Give me a status update on the laboratory that was broken into earlier this morning," Robotnik ordered.

a picture of a light blue hedgehog in a wheelchair soon filled the screen easily wheeling into the laboratory. once inside, Tristina looked around and picked up a mustard yellow brick. "what did she take?" Robotnik asked, snarling as Tristina raced out of the laboratory with swatbots on hover bikes in pursuit. "y-your Sonic engine accelerator, sir. Swatbots report they lost Priority Two Hacker somewhere in the Great Swamp"

"Then send them back out! Find the Hacker and bring her and the accelerator back!"


Tristina waved a glowing blue hand over the accelerator, examining it. "Lucky I managed to swipe this before Robotnik could duplicate it," Tristina whispered once her eyes had faded back in. "Sonic would have had serious trouble if this were put to use." Tristina pursed her lips, considering just destroying the device. as Night fell, Tristina placed the accelerator in her backpack, laid her head upon the backpack and closed her eyes. sleep was quick, and the night passed without incident.

The next morning, Tristina pulled herself back to her wheelchair with her backpack on her back and was just getting started on repairing the auto wheel function when she heard the telltale sirens of hovercrafts full of swatbots approaching. "Great. another welcoming committee." Tristina grumbled, pulling herself into her wheelchair. "as blue would say, time to juice!" Tristina muttered, taking off with two waves of murky water cascading on either side of her.

Post by OctaScratchRock on June 4th, 2020, 8:59 am

Robotnik looked down at his plans.

"Without that accelerator, my plans are incomplete. If there's a way to get it back from that God-forsaken hacker, then I'll use it. I don't care WHAT I lose in the process; she's caused me far too much damage."

Snively walked in.

"Sir, your new device is programmed and ready."

Robotnik shot a wicked grin. "I'm ready....."

He walked into a backroom chamber where a giant machine (similar in size to Robotnik's Ultimate Annihalator) stood.

"Soon, that hacker will trouble us no more." Robotnik said confidently.

Snively looked up at Robotnik. "Unfortunately, sir, we need the accelerator to make this thing work."

Robotnik sighed. "Just when I thought life was perfect."

Post by tiff15 on June 4th, 2020, 3:39 pm
Suddenly, a loud beeping issued from Robotnik's command room. Snivley raced over to the controls and read the report. "Swatbots report contact with Priority Two Hacker, sir. Units are now in pursuit."

"I want the hacker alive and the accelerator."


Tristina began to make a 'S' pattern with her wheelchair, causing the waves of muck to wash over the pursuing Swatbots. Tristina glanced at the ring button on the arm of her wheelchair but decided against using it. It would take too long to recharge, and she knew not to use it foolishly. "I still have to shake off some of these tin heads, though," Tristina muttered.

Looking up, she noticed the long looping vines hanging from the trees. "Better plan than nothing," Tristina shouted, taking a sharp left and veering towards the entangling vines. ducking below them, Tristina wove between the trees, smirking at the sudden crashes and explosions as the swatbots became entangled in the vines or crashed into the trees.

Post by OctaScratchRock on June 4th, 2020, 3:56 pm
"You're telling me they were defeated by TREES for crying out loud!??" Robotnik exclaimed.

Snively was sweating like a cow at a McDonald's. "I mean, it's not MY fault their AI can't detect trees too well..."


Snively looked down at all the plans. "So, um, dare I ask, what DOES this accelerator do?"

Robotnik began to explain. "You see, it shrinks the particles in the machine to generate power for it to use. Lots of molecules in a smaller area generate more power, you see."

That's when a brilliant idea shot Robotnik in the head. "Maybe the hacker should KEEP the accelerator," he said, as a devilish smile spread across his face.

Post by tiff15 on June 6th, 2020, 6:02 pm
[All units return to base. cease current operations and return to base. new orders to come]

Tristina frowned as she saw the current command being fielded to the swatbots. such a change in directive could only mean bad news.

taking out the accelerator, Tristina gave it another quick scan. "The thing hasn't been activated by any means I can tell." Tristina muttered to herself, looking it over. "Maybe it works pass..." Tristina glanced behind her. she noticed the crystal used to power her turbo mode was only half full. "Ive been wheeling manually for the past half hour." Tristina mused. "The power crystal should be full to the brim." Tristina glanced back at the retreating swatbots.

tapping the communication button, Tristina waited for the signal that the triple encoded signal was connected to Nichole.

"Tristina? is everything alright?"

"The swatbots pursuing me were just ordered to abandon the chase and return to base. I'm going to send you some co-ordinates in the Great Swamp. I want you to send Rotor to meet me there. If I'm right about this Accelerator, it might not be safe to bring it back to Knothole."

Tristina's ears perked up, hearing the familiar roar of Stealth Bots approaching.

"Stealth Bots approaching my position Princess. I have to go. I'll send the Coordinates shortly. Tristina out"
with that, Tristina revved up her arms and took off.

Post by OctaScratchRock on June 7th, 2020, 4:09 pm
Sally thought for a moment and began to send a reply.

"Whether it's dangerous or not, we ought to take it back to Knothole. Rotor, Tails and I will need to study it, and we can only access the tools and things we need from there. We'll NEED you to bring it. Just make sure you don't do anything dangerous or dumb with it, because we don't know what we're dealing with yet!"

Tristina thought for a second. Should she obey Sally's order? Of course she should! Sally was the princess! Or, maybe not. If she brought it to them and something bad were to happen, she could prevent it by just not bringing it. By now she was basically having a war in her own brain, trying to decide whether to obey Princess Sally or disobey her.

Post by tiff15 on June 9th, 2020, 4:44 pm
as Tristina dodged the oncoming stealth bots, trying to think of a way to lose them, she debated internally whether or not to obey the Princess.

The princess said not to DESTROY the device or do anything dumb with it. Tristina thought, weaving through a nearby clump of trees. a coded knife to disable any tracking or retaliatory devices is neither.

nodding to herself, Tristina tapped the auto-wheel command, snarling when sparks flew from it.
I cant juice AND make a coded knife at the same time... Tristina then winced as pain shot from her forearms and biceps to her shoulders. Oh come on, arms! don't cramp up on me now!

Growling, Tristina ducked into some thick overhanging moss and bit her tongue to keep from screaming. hearing a sickening whine, Tristina looked up to see the stealth bot circling the tree, scanning for her. using her elbow to hit the contact button, Tristina leaned as close to the communicator as she could. "Princess..." she breathed, abandoning code-names for the moment. "my arms are seized up and the auto wheel function on my wheelchair is non-functional. I'm hiding under a tree near Ironlock prison. I am begging you, Princess. send Sonic to deal with this Stealth Bot or I will be forced to take very drastic measures to ensure the safety of you, Knothole, and the Resistance."

"what measures are you suggesting, Tristina?" Sally asked with Sonic, Rotor, and Tails grouped around her.

"I will be forced to engage Self Destruct protocols, Princess."

Post by OctaScratchRock on June 9th, 2020, 6:45 pm
Sally and Sonic immediately set out to find Tristina, hoping to goodness that she wouldn't be a pile of ash by the time they got to her. Sally sat in Sonic's arms as the blue hedgehog soared at full speed.

Finally, Sonic jumped out of the bushes and spin dashed the robot, parts flying everywhere.

"Tristina!?" Sonic called out, looking around for her. Sally began peeling away the overgrowth looking for the poor robotic hedgehog. "Tristina!?" Sally called.

Tristina heard them easily and began to walk out of the overgrowth, and was about to announce her presence. However, at that moment, she accidentally bumped her arm on the accelerator.

This suddenly triggered the instability of the part, and it suddenly began to fizz noisily.

Sonic and Sally turned to see Tristina holding the glowing, electrifying object. The hedgehog and the chipmunk were about to show happiness to see the friend that they had worried over, but upon noticing the object, their excitement suddenly turned to confusion.

Suddenly, a giant flash filled the vicinity, and just like that, it disappeared.

Tristina woke up. The last thing she could remember was the sudden flash of light. As she rubbed her eyes and tried to gain vision, she noticed that the ground she was standing on was a little bit slimy and mushy, it being dark reddish in color.

Suddenly, someone grabbed her shoulder. She spun around, expecting to be attacked, but was relieved to see that it was just Sonic.

However, in the darkness, neither of them could see Sally anywhere.

"I'm just glad to see you're not blown up," Sonic said.

"Thanks...." Tristina said, looking around.

And that's when she saw it.

Standing directly above the two hedgehogs was a seemingly giant brain.

Sally's brain.

Sally woke up. She looked around. Everything looked normal. Only, where were Sonic and Tristina?

Sally decided to follow protocol. If other Freedom Fighters were to disappear without a trace, she was to alert the entire Freedom Fighter force.

"I'll have them search and comb the entire Swamp area." Sally said. "They can't have gone far, can they have?"

Post by tiff15 on June 10th, 2020, 10:12 am
"Are we...inside the Princess?" Tristina asked slowly, not sure if she should be feeling shocked and revolted or shocked and fascinated. "I've always wondered what it would be like to BE Sally, but..."

"this is way too close for the ol' comfort." agreed Sonic, picking Tristina up and revving his legs.

"We need to find a way to contact Sal." Tristina nodded, and the two took off. "maybe we should try her ears?" Tristina suggested. "some how we've got to let the Princess know we're inside her...literally!"

Post by OctaScratchRock on June 10th, 2020, 6:58 pm
Meanwhile, Sally had gotten the Freedom Fighters combing the swamp in search of Sonic and Tristina.

"I saw them myself. I know they've gotta be out here somewhere!" she said.

"Don't worry." said Rotor. "You know we'll find them if they're here."


"You think we should make a dash for Sally's eardrums?"

Tristina knew it was their best bet. However, she also knew that Sally's ear canal would be too narrow to crawl out of, so they couldn't just escape at the ears. They'd have to get to Sally's eardrums and hope their voices were still audible (given how much they'd shrunken due to that accelerator.)

"You look like you're deep in thought, Tristina." said Sonic. "Tell me, what's on your mind?"

Post by tiff15 on June 14th, 2020, 3:14 pm
"If we can get to Sally's eardrums, we can let her know where we are. the ear canals, however, would be too narrow for us to leave. It might be best to try down her nose or mouth if she lets us." said Tristina, grabbing onto Sonic's shoulders.

Sonic looped her useless legs around his waist then took off for Sally's ears.

"I'm more concerned about the Accelerator. what happened to it after it shrunk us? if it's still out there and still has my speed energy, Sally may be in more danger than we are." Tristina continued, raising her voice to be heard over the roar of Sonic's speed.

"Sally, I found Tristina's wheelchair!" Rotor called, pulling back the curtain of moss to reveal the wheelchair. "When I built her wheelchair, I installed a recall program in case she ever got separated from it." "so it will lead us to her?" said Sally, looking at the control panel. "usually...if she's activated the tracking beacon on her bracelet. according to the control panel, she has not." said Rotor, pointing to the row of buttons on the right armrest of the wheelchair.

Post by OctaScratchRock on June 15th, 2020, 10:02 am
Sally began to look over Tristina's wheelchair. "How could she have left THIS behind?" asked Sally.

"Beats me." said Rotor.

Sally reached into her vest and pulled out Nicole.

"Nicole, scan Tristina's wheelchair for DNA."

Nicole did just that, and sure enough, Tristina had been in it within one hour ago.

"Now we know she can't be TOO far off...." said Sally.

Post by tiff15 on June 17th, 2020, 5:21 pm
"Sal's lookin' for us!" Sonic called to Tristina as they sped along Sallys central nervous system. "She's found your wheelchair, and she said she knows you can't be too far." "Cool. wait 'till we tell her where we've been all this time!" Tristina replied, loosening her grip on Sonics' shoulders as the hedgehog slowed to a stop near a large beige pulsing mass.

"If my Anatomy of Sally is correct..." Tristina whispered so as not to alarm the Princess. "This is her eardrum." "Sal!" Sonic called, cupping his hands around his mouth. "It's Sonic! can you hear me?"


Sally's ears perked up. "Sonic? Where are you?" Sally called, looking around. "Sally?" Rotor asked confused. "I just heard Sonics' voice, but it's really faint..." Sally replied

"Princess! This is going to sound really strange," called Tristina, cupping her hands around her mouth as Sonic had done. "But I need you to crouch in front of my wheelchair and open your mouth as wide as you can. If everything goes to plan, You'll see Sonic and I shortly."

"Sonic, have you got a power ring on you? I need you to juice as fast as possible to Sally's mouth, throw me out, then jump yourself. If I'm right, whatever shrunk us to this size will wear off in time for us to exit Sally."

"What if your wrong?" Sonic asked. Tristina took Sonic's hand and shook it. "It was a honor working with you, Sonic." she replied.

Post by OctaScratchRock on June 20th, 2020, 7:03 pm
Sally began to feel weird.

"Uh, Rotor....." Sally said, holding her stomach. "I don't feel so well."

Rotor scratched his head. "There are too many problems going on today, you know that?"

Sally began to gag. She choked and sputtered and finally puked up Sonic and Tristina, and the plan worked as planned. Suddenly, Sonic and Tristina stood before Sally.

Sally's eyes were wide open. "What just happened?" she asked.

Post by tiff15 on June 21st, 2020, 1:51 pm
"Princess, you might want to sit down for this one..." said Tristina earnestly.

"wait a second," said Sonic, looking around. "Wheres the accelerator?" they soon found the piece of machinery sitting on a slimy stump,

seconds later, an electric blue throwing knife sank into the piece of machinery. "Better safe than sorry, Princess. Particularly after what we just went through," said Tristina, dusting her hands.

"Sir, I've just received a report that the current swatbot team has lost the tracking signal on the accelerator." Snively then pressed a few keys and a line of bright blue script appeared on the screen with the words

Strike two, Tubby.

Post by OctaScratchRock on June 24th, 2020, 10:59 am
Robotnik had had ENOUGH.

He looked down to face Snively.

"I want every single robot we have to that swamp, now."

"Everyone?" asked Snively, nervously.

"EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Robotnik screamed furiously.

"Y-yes sir!!" Snively saluted. He immediately began dispatching every single SWATbot they had to the swamp, with orders to kill.

Post by tiff15 on June 24th, 2020, 3:48 pm
"huh?" Tristina looked up o the sky, then frowned.

"whats up, Tiff?" Sonic asked, noticing Tristina had sensed something they hadn't.

Holding up a hand, Tristina's eyes faded to pure white as she held out a glowing light blue hand towards the direction of Robotropolis.

after a few moments of silence, Sally asked. "what is it?"

"Attention all units, proceed to Great Swamp coordinates Sector 12, area 17, quadrant 43. locate and kill Priority One Hedgehog, Priority Two Hacker, and Princess Sally." Tristina reported as the script scrolled in front of her eyes.

"Kill? Not capture? not Roboticize?" Sally asked.

"Affirmative." Tristina replied, bowing her head as she disconnected from Robotniks mainframe. "Hes not sparing any expense. He's sending them ALL. Swatbots, Walkers, Hover units, even Worker Bots."

"Is Uncle Chuck among them?" Sonic asked. Tristina nodded.

Post by OctaScratchRock on June 29th, 2020, 10:49 am
(Sorry I'm so insanely late)

SWATbots seemed to be coming out of the woodwork. No matter where they looked, robots, robots, robots.

"Well, we're doomed." said Sally. "Any last words from any of you? I actually have a few."

"What are your last words, Aunt Sally?" asked Tails.

"I like celery sticks." said Sally.

Antoine looked up. "Seriously!?" he said. "THOSE are your last words!!?"

Sally shrugged. "They work!"

Post by tiff15 on June 29th, 2020, 1:48 pm
"Mines actually in my peoples native language, but I need all of you to gather as close to me as you can."

Confused, Sonic, Sally, Antoine, Rotor, Bunnie and Tails gathered around Tristina's wheelchair as she spread out her arms. with seconds to spare, Tristina's pupils disappeared as she cried "Alto Atonamtos!"

every single robot around them, forming a rather large circle, stopped as a light blue wave rippled through the crowds from Tristina's hands.

after a few moments of silence, the group looked back at Tristina as she continually seemed to pulse the light blue wave through the air. her arms lowered, and she slumped in the chair. "Aunt Tiffany?" Tails asked, crawling into her lap to lightly shake her. "Did it...work...?" Tristina slurred, opening her eyes and looking at her friends shocked faces.

"What did you do?" Sally asked, looking around as the robots around them stood still with their heads bowed. "M-mass reset protocol." Tristina stammered. "Unfortunately, it effects all electronics in a 100 mile radius. even my wheelchair and Nichole. but on the bright side..." Tristina wheeled up to one of the swatbots and gently pushed it aside. "we should be able to go home without any more interference."

Meanwhile, Robotnik was literally flying blind without his spy orbs. "Whats going on out there?!" Robotnik shouted. "I'm trying sir, but that energy pulse the hacker used automatically reset every operational machine within the great swamp. its going to take hours to get them all functioning again." "then send more out there to replace the ones effected by the hackers energy pulse." "S-sir," stammered Snivley "we've already sent every single robot within Robotropolis. there ARE no more to send!"


Post by OctaScratchRock on July 1st, 2020, 9:01 pm
Robotnik looked down at the now-useless controls. "There's no way I'm letting that hacker do this to me again. She's destroyed my ENTIRE force......"

Snively rolled his eyes.

Robotnik began to think of something that could be used against Tristina.

"If she's powered electronically.........maybe we could try and hack HER........."

*Back at Knothole*

"Help me out here!" said Sally, loading scrap SWATbot parts to be used in Rotor's workshop.

"Coming!" Sonic said.

All of a sudden, Sally twitched a little bit.

"Something the matter?" asked Sonic.

"Nothing, nothing...." said Sally.

But it was only a matter of time before Sally started spazzing out and twitching violently. It was almost as if she were doing some sort of cartoony robot dance.

That's when Tristina came outside. "Sonic?" she asked. "I just now noticed a little part of my computer missing. Seen it?"

Sonic looked over at Sally and then looked back at Tristina. "Are you SURE you brought your WHOLE BODY out of Sally when we escaped her body?

Post by tiff15 on July 3rd, 2020, 4:22 am
Tristina sighed and ran her hand through her quills. feeling something prick her fingers, she pulled her hand away and noticed several light blue quills clutched in her gloved fingers.

Swearing quietly to herself, Tristina looked at Rotor. "get Sally on a table. I have an idea."

Rotor and Sonic laid the still seizing Princess on a metal table, Tristina gently pushed her wheelchair up to the table as well. "Keep in mind, I've never done this before, so be ready for anything."

"What are you going to do?" Rotor asked. "You know how I can take data from computers and project in on a holographic screen, or digitally transfer the information to Nichole?" Sonic and Rotor nodded.

"I'm going to try to do the reverse with the quill I left behind. I'm going to break it down while it's inside Sally and transfer it, but I'll need somewhere to transfer it to."

"here," said Rotor, placing a small stool at Sally's head.

"Perfect. Okay...One more thing. I'll be vulnerable to digital attacks while I'm doing this, so Rotor, keep scanning the area around Sally and me while I'm transferring the quill."

"Got it," said Rotor, powering up his computer.

taking a deep breath and letting it out, Tristina opened her eyes to let them fade into pure white.

"Initiating Transfer..." Tristina said in a monotone voice, a light blue keyboard appearing at her gloved fingers in front of Sally.

Post by OctaScratchRock on July 3rd, 2020, 9:37 am
Stuttering as she vibrated, Sally tried desperately to speak.

"Y-y-you-u-u w-w-won-t-t h-h-ur-t-t m-m-me-e-e, r-r-igh-t-t-t-t?"

Tristina smiled. "Would I be doing this if I wasn't confident in my ability?"

Meanwhile, the one quill left behind rested on Sally's brain, which was why she was so messed up at the moment.

Suddenly, she smacked herself in the face.

"Wait- I didn't want to hit myself!" she said.

Again, she smacked herself in the face.

"Why are you hitting yourself?" Sonic asked.


"Why are you hitting yourself?"


"Why are you hitting yourself?"


"Why are you hitting yourself?"


"Why are you hitting yourself?"


Post by tiff15 on July 3rd, 2020, 1:55 pm
"I'm so sorry, Princess!" Tristina cried, briefly coming out a hacking while Sonic held Sally's hand.

Okay, Hacker. FOCUS Tristina thought, taking a deep breath and letting it out through her nose. In her mind's eye, she saw it. the stray quill causing them so much trouble.

"Attempting basic deconstruction maneuver 001 - Alpha" Tristina reported in a monotone voice. the quill, vibrating so badly, slowly began to disappear. "basic deconstruction in process. rerouting foreign entity." Tristina reported, pointing her right hand to the stool next to Sally.

Sonic and rotor watched, mouths slack, as the air flexed and warped...then began to solidify into a thin, light blue fiber. the fiber began to harden and wind itself into a quill. the quill was halfway complete when Tristina shuddered before reporting

"Unknown interference detected. compensating...."

After a few moments, Tristina gritted her teeth and gave one final shudder. "Unknown interference nullified. proceeding with transfer"

after several tense moments, the air around the quill gave a final quiver as Tristina reported

"Transfer complete. scanning subject 'Princess' for any additional foreign matter."

Sally closed her eyes as Tristina's right hand cast a gentle blue light over her. "No additional foreign matter detected. disconnecting."

Tristina then lowered her head and hands and seemed to go limp. "Yo Tiff!" Sonic called, shaking her lightly. "are you alright?" Rotor asked.

Tristina moaned and opened her eyes, blinking. "did it...work? Is the Princess okay?" she asked weakly.

Post by OctaScratchRock on July 4th, 2020, 9:51 am
Sally was dizzy, but began to come around well.

"Tristina......" she said, "Thanks for that."

Tristina simply nodded and looked up at Sonic.

"You've got the most incredible abilities of any hedgehog I've ever seen," said Sonic. "And that's REALLY saying something."

Post by tiff15 on July 4th, 2020, 7:20 pm
"Coming from the fastest hedgehog Ive ever seen, that means a lot." said Tristina, elbowing Sonic.

Tristina then leaned back in her wheelchair and sighed, not having had a moment of peace since that morning had started in the Great Swamp.

"Princess...I've never doubted your leadership, your courage, or your wisdom. but bringing the Accelerator back to Knothole..."

Tristina shook her head. "Forgive me, but I'm failing to see a reason. sure, we could always use more mechanical parts, and yes, it would have been helpful..."

Tristina stopped, trying to phrase her criticism as politely as she could. "Given the overall danger to Knothole's secrecy...I'm sorry, but bringing that thing back to the very place we're trying to protect..."

"She's trying to say it was a bad call, Sal," said Sonic, crossing his arms and tapping his foot.

Tristina lowered her gaze to her lap.

"I'm sorry, Princess. I didn't mean to get you in all this trouble over a quill and a stupid piece of electronics. I was trying to protect everyone...like you." said Tristina, wringing her hands.

Post by OctaScratchRock on July 5th, 2020, 8:12 am
Sally looked around at everyone, and they were all looking at her.

"Maybe you're right, Tristina....." Sally thought out loud. "But if we can't use it, and if it's too dangerous........... what do we do with it?"

Everyone was puzzled. What exactly WOULD they do with it?

Post by tiff15 on July 5th, 2020, 6:42 pm
Tristina suddenly snapped her fingers.

"Why not give it back to its creator?" Tristina said with a smile.

"what?" Sonic cried. "Have you lost your mind?!" Sally echoed.

"...with a few alterations of course," said Tristina, holding up her hands to calm them down.

The next morning, Tristina went with Rotor to the spot where the Accelerator still lay, abandoned after Tristina and Sonics unexpected foray into Sally's psyche.

"The Princess and I wrote this program last night," said Tristina, grinning. "If all goes according to plan, Robotnik will spend MONTHS untangling the digital mess this is going to create. Robotropolis will be too bogged down with errors and 'false alarms' to be of any threat to anybody. a definite boon for the freedom fighters, to be sure."

taking a deep breath, Tristina raised her hand. the second the holographic keyboard appeared, the Accelerator began to glow light blue as Tristina typed. after a few minutes (with Rotor keeping lookout) the light blue aura of the accelerator faded as did Tristina's keyboard.

"Done. Rotor, your up." Rotor approached the machine and checked it over. aside from spending 8 hours in the great swamp, there was no evidence of tampering. "its cool." said Rotor. "Sonic will meet you at the edge of Robotropolis." said Rotor. Tristina nodded and gave Rotor a thumbs up, then took off towards Robotropolis. arriving at the all to familiar junk pile. Tristina barely had time to sigh before a signature Sonic boom erupted through the air.

"Yo Tiff." said Sonic, skidding to a stop around her. "whats the plan?" "I figured a good round of cat and hedgehog would..." Tristina stopped as a Surveillance orb floated in the sky above them. "Yo tubby!" Tristina called, pulling the accelerator from her backpack and showing it to the orb. "We've got something you want! Now the question is, how badly do you want it?"

Sonic then stepped behind Tristina's wheelchair as the orb focused on the accelerator in Tristina hands. "The second the bots show up, juice," Tristina whispered, holding up the device so the orb could get a better look.

Post by OctaScratchRock on July 5th, 2020, 9:53 pm
Meanwhile, Snively was busy doodling on notebook paper with crayons.

"Revenge......revenge......X3......" he muttered to himself.

Suddenly, the door burst open. Robotnik stepped in.

"Have the new wave of SWATbots picked up any distress?" he asked.

"No, sir." replied Snively. "I was just sending them out back to be washed."

Robotnik was about to turn around and leave the room when he stopped.

"Are those.......crayons?" Robotnik asked.

"It's complicated, sir." replied Snively.

Post by tiff15 on July 6th, 2020, 2:05 pm
Robotnik blinked, then looked up as the siren rang out from the console.

abandoning his crayons, Snivley raced to the console as a picture came up of Sonic and Tristina, the latter of which was holding Robotnik's Accelerator.

"Forget the wash," said Robotnik, hurrying to his command chair. "I want that Accelerator and those hedgehogs!"

"Sending out the newest batch of Swatbots sir." said snivley, pressing a button.


"Think blubber butt got the message, blue?" asked Tristina, waving the accelerator once more for good measure.

before Sonic could answer, a telltale siren pierced the air along with the call of "Halt, Hedgehog Priority one. turn over the Accelerator."

"Go, Sonic! Go!" Tristina cried, holding tight to the Accelerator while Sonic revved up his legs.

"Your gonna have to be my eyes, Tiff. I cant see around the wheelchair."

"Got it, just juice!" Tristina cried, starting slightly as Sonic grabbed her wheelchair handles and pushed her down the alleyway

"Priority One hedgehog and Priority two Hacker bearing Sector 34, Quadrant 5, Victor Zulu"

Robotnik and Snivley watched tensely on the monitor as the spy orb flew overhead, giving them a birds-eye view of the chase. Sonic had his head down, pushing Tristina's wheelchair as hard as he could. Snivley noticed Tristina's lips moving from time to time when Sonic took either a left or a right.

Post by OctaScratchRock on July 8th, 2020, 10:24 am
Robotnik was puzzled. "What's that hacker telling Sonic...?"

Snively began typing away at the keyboard. "I'm trying to turn the camera audio system on. We need to have a listen in."

Robotnik squinted at the screen, hoping to hear something valuable.

Post by tiff15 on July 8th, 2020, 2:23 pm
"Left, Sonic. It's a dead end"

Tristina's voice came up, which caused both Snivley and Robotnik to look to one another. had Tristina PURPOSELY directed Sonic to a dead end?

"Prepare my Hovercraft." Robotnik ordered, standing as Snivley mumbled 'yes sir' and started pressing corresponding controls. "Time to get to the bottom of this."

"Well, that was fun." panted Tristina, looking at the accelerator once again.

"Sonic, Robotnik is on his way. I just heard him order Snivley to prepare his hovercraft." Tristina whispered,

"Is the hover mode thingy on your wheelchair fixed?" Sonic breathed back.

he frowned as Tristina shook her head.

"We can't go over, so through?" Sonic asked.

Tristina smiled, nodded, and fingered the Turbo Mode button on her wheelchair while Sonic quietly slipped the power ring from his backpack.

"Ready, Tiff?" Sonic whispered, Tristina smiled and nodded, then looked up as Robotnik's hovercraft landed just outside the alleyway.

looking above them, she noticed the spy orb watching them.

frowning, Tristina formed a throwing knife and hurled it at the orb.

"Snivley was listening to us," Tristina whispered without preamble. "I'll start bashing the bots," Sonic instructed. You ram 'buttnik, drop the Accelerator, then use Turbo Mode to juice outta here. I'll do the same with the power ring and Swatbots. Meet at the junkyard and we'll head home."

Tristina smiled briefly, then looked up as Robotnik and 4 Swatbots approached them.

Post by OctaScratchRock on July 9th, 2020, 4:13 pm
The SWATbots immediately aimed their weapons out.

"Freeze, intruders!" one of them said.

"But they don't look too cold to me!" another SWATbot remarked.

"No." the first SWATbot said. "Freeze is just a figure of speech. It means to stand still."

"Oh....." the second SWATbot remarked.

The SWATbots looked back at their victims to find them gone.

"Darn it." the first one said.

"What does THAT one mean?" asked the second SWATbot.

For asking this, he was shot.

Post by tiff15 on July 9th, 2020, 5:16 pm
"At least this was not a total loss." said Robotnik, picking up the Accelerator Tristina had dropped. "The hedgehog and hacker's days are numbered."


Tristina sat alone in the junkyard, frowning. she and Sonic had left the alleyway going (moderately) the same speed. However, when Tristina had arrived at the junkyard, she noticed Sonic was nowhere in site.

hearing a Sonic boom, Tristina sighed as Sonic soon ran into view.

"ready to head home?" Sonic asked.

"where were you? we left the alley at the same time, didn't we?"

"stopped for a chili dog. oh, here."

Tristina looked down at the hot dog with smothered chili, cheese, onion, and one green pimiento olive on top. taking a bite, she smiled at the mixture of meat, seasoning, and onion parading across her mouth.

"Race you home!" Tristina called, finishing the rest of the chili dog in one bite. "Go!" Sonic called as the two ran (and wheeled) for Knothole.

Post by OctaScratchRock on July 10th, 2020, 10:17 am
Robotnik called out into the distance.


The End


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The Orca Car's Dastardly secret [status: FINISHED]

Post by OctaScratchRock on July 10th, 2020, 10:50 am

Note: This role play is not set in the SatAM universe, but in the normal Sonic The Hedgehog universe set in the real world (our universe). You know, the Sonic canon portrayed by the Sonic video games and Sonic X. Any original characters you have from the SatAM universe can indeed be brought into the real world for this role play, however.

Japan was the world's headquarters for automobile racing. The nation had given birth to Toyota, Mazda, Honda, Nissan, Suzuki, Daihatsu, ASL, Mitsubishi, Subaru, and much more. So it only made sense that this year's No-Limit 1500 Kilometer Race would be held in Japan. The race would stretch across the nation, from north to south. And of course, this race was called the "No-Limit race" for a reason: There were NO restrictions or limitations on what kinds of cars could enter the competition. None at all.

Basically, if it was a car, and if it could drive, it was eligible to enter the race.

It was only natural that Sonic The Hedgehog would want to enter the race, along with his close friends. "We'll win this for sure," Sonic told Tails. The car they brought was a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, one of the fastest and most high tech racing cars in the entire world. Sonic was certain that with the help of Tails and his newer friend Tristina that they could win.

Suddenly, the ground beneath them began to shake. "It's an earthquake!!" Sonic said.

"No, it isn't." said Tails. "I sense something much worse."

Suddenly, a giant machine of more than 200 yards of length drove into view. The vehicle was so large, it towered above the other vehicles by two car lengths! It was black in color, had red tinted windows, and its front end resembled a scowling face. It was so long, its body resembled a train; as in, it was made up of lots of train-like joints along its long body.

"That car is over 200 yards long!" Sonic shouted.

"An Orca Car...." Tristina said to herself.

The gigantic machine stopped alongside the other cars at the starting line.

A few minutes later, the announcer spoke.

"And now, each entering car shall be inspected!"

Teams of inspectors came out of the pits and began to have looks at the cars.

"Why are they inspecting the cars?" Sonic asked. "I thought ANY kind of car was allowed in this race!"

Suddenly, a voice came from behind Sonic. "There's a good reason for the inspection."

Sonic swirled his head around to see Blaze The Cat. She was apparently leading the inspection.

"What's the big issue?" asked Tristina curiously.

"Allow me to explain." said Blaze. "Last week, fifty million dollars worth of gold bars were stolen from the National Bank of Japan. Right now, police are suspecting that someone in the race might be trying to smuggle said gold out of Japan using the race as coverup. The inspectors are looking for the gold in any of the cars. There won't be time for us to do this once the race begins, so we'd better do it now!"

Sonic held his glove up to his chin. "Well, that makes sense, since the finish line is at the coast. They'd want to use the race to get away from law enforcement."

Tristina, however, was puzzled. "But fifty million dollars would mean a LOT of gold! It would take a pretty big vehicle to take it all in one trip!" she said.

Blaze nodded. "However, the bank robbers are clever, and they may have found some sort of way to make the gold bars smaller, or at least a way to make the gold bars seem smaller."

A bit later, Sonic's Mitsubishi Evolution passed the inspection as it carried no gold.

Eventually, Blaze got around to having the teams inspect the gigantic car.

"We got nothin' ta hide!" its driver said. "Look around all ya want!"

Blaze looked up at the giant machine.

"This car looks way too big for the race!" Blaze said. "It just doesn't seem fair to me!"

"Well, it is fair!" said the Orca Car's co-driver. "Tha rules said dat ANY kind a' car could entah!"

The Orca Car's driver let Blaze into the massive machine. As Blaze looked around, the Orca Car's driver began to share some information about the car.

"The main engine has 7,500 horsepower! Also, each wheel has its own extra engine, each of them producing 2,000 horsepower. Altogether, the Orca Car is driven by 30,000 horsepower!"

Blaze shuddered. "I wonder how much gasoline this thing consumes, given those numbers!" she though to herself.

The Orca Car's driver went on. "Our maximum cruising speed is 700 kilometers per hour, no matter what the terrain is. Not to mention, the brakes are powerful electromagnetic units which can stop the car in a heartbeat. And if anything goes wrong during the race, we're fine, because we've got a whole army of trained mechanics on board this monster who could fix anything that could break!"

Blaze and her team looked and looked, but found no gold anywhere. They left the Orca Car and called the inspection off after having found no stolen gold in any of the cars.

Sonic, Tails, and Tristina quickly hopped into their Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution after hearing the announcement that the race was beginning.

Post by tiff15 on July 12th, 2020, 5:45 pm
OOC: I wasn't expecting to be in this one, but I guess I'll give it a shot.

"There must be a massive computer somewhere near the car of that engine, unless the driver was just boasting." Tristina said, holding up her hands. "Don't worry about my wheelchair Sonic." said Tristina, their hair whipping around them. "Tails recall function still works. I can call it to me from anywhere." "Cool." said Sonic, nodding. Tristina closed her eyes, took a deep breath, and opening her eyes before allowing them to fade from view.

"Accessing subject: Orca's computer systems now. Information: power and fuel consumption." Tristina reported.

Post by OctaScratchRock on July 13th, 2020, 7:36 pm
As the race began, everyone took off and set out for the road. The Orca Car seemed to set itself behind everyone else, slowing down a little bit.

It was only when they left the city that the Orca Car began to show aggressiveness. It began ramming other cars off the road like crazy, showing no mercy. But that's when a train crossing showed up ahead.

The Orca Car drove straight across without noticing the crossing guard light flashing. The inevitable collision between the oncoming train and the Orca Car came with a bash! The Orca Car was merely pushed aside and scratched a little. The train, however, was completely derailed and destroyed.

The engineer crawled out of the wreckage of the train. "Is that contraption supposed to be an automobile!?" he exclaimed.

The army of mechanics quickly exited the Orca Car and painted over the scratches. With that job done, they hurried back on board and the Orca Car took off.

Sonic was a bit puzzled. "Why did they waste valuable race time to stop and paint over scratches? They could have finished the race with a scratched car!"

Tails wondered. "I was thinking the same thing. It's almost as if they're trying to cover something up."

Tails then looked over to Tristina. "You done hacking their system? Maybe you can get some information."

Post by tiff15 on July 17th, 2020, 11:56 am
Tristina nodded, then bowed her head to let her eyes fade back in.

"The owner wasn't lying about its capabilities," she said finally.

"7,5000 horsepower main engine, 2,000 horsepower backup engines behind each wheel." Tristina shook her head.

"Eggman himself would salivate at that type of power. What I did find was this odd almost vein-like system going through the entire car."

"what is it?" asked Tails. Tristina shook her head.

"that's just it. it's not labeled! there's nothing in the onboard schematics even suggesting a use. its just...there. It's completely opaque too. I couldn't see what was running through the pipes like I can the fuel line and circuitry. whatever it is, there's a lot of it, and given the Orcha car size, that's saying something."

Post by OctaScratchRock on July 18th, 2020, 10:55 am
The Orca Car continued to smash and bash all the other racers until it was the very last car in the race except for Team Sonic's Mitsubishi.
Meanwhile inside the Orca Car, a light began to flash on the dashboard.

"That's our alert system." said the co-driver. "Someone tried to hack our systems. And that red Mitsubishi behind us is the only other car left in the race, so we know it had to have been them."

"Should I send a warnin' to Cruncha?" the driver asked.

"Yeah." replied the co-driver.

Therefore, the Orca Car radioed a report to the other side of the planet, somewhere in the USA, to the Orca Car's owner: the notorious Cruncher Block.

Block was a businessman and con-artist. He was extremely clever and had committed several massive robberies internationally without being caught. He thought he was going to be safe for this one, too, until he got the call from his massive car.

"What? Someone tried to hack you??" Cruncher said.

"Yea. We dunno wat dey gonna do next!" said the Orca Car's driver.

"Listen to me, you bums!!" Cruncher Block said to them. "You gotta stay in the race no matter what, because it's the ONLY POSSIBLE WAY you'll be able to carry that 50 million bucks of gold bars out of Japan!"

Post by tiff15 on July 18th, 2020, 3:08 pm

Tristina turned to see the orca car bearing down on them. "Uh, Tails? we've got company" Looking in his rear view mirror, Tails yelped to see the massive grill of the orca car taking up his entire view. Tails shrieked and struggled to control the car as the orca car nudged them.

"He's trying to run us over!" Sonic declared.

"Tails, anything in the rules of the race about self-defense?"

"Yeah. so long as no permanent harm or death occurs to the driver, anything goes!"

"Cool. Sonic, think you can get me onto the hood of our car?"

Sonic nodded, took Tristina into his arms, and rushed onto the Mitsubishi's roof. "This will do perfectly." said Tristina, raising both hands. "what'cha gonna do, Tiff?" Sonic asked.

"tell you in a minute..." Tristina replied in a semi monotone voice, a light blue transparent keyboard appearing at her fingertips as she typed.

after a few minutes, several buzz bombers flew out from the orca car and began to swarm towards the Mitsubishi.

"Sonic, take care of the buzz bombers. I'll lower myself into the Mitsubishi when I'm done!"

Sonic nodded and curled into his signature buzz saw, smashing any buzz bombers that came near them. the orca car mercilessly ran over the robots remains as they fell. suddenly, the car began to unexpectedly slow. it was only slight, though, so barely any slowdown was noticed. "Got it!" Tristina cried, lowering her useless legs into the open rear window of Tail's car.

"What did you do?"

"tweaked the fuel intake instructions on the Orca cars main engine. they're now pumping 40% less fuel to the main engine than they were before!"

Post by OctaScratchRock on July 18th, 2020, 4:23 pm
Sonic was relieved. "We're safe for the moment being." he said.

Tails looked over at Tristina.

"I think there's something suspicious about the Orca Car by now." Tails said. "Tristina, I need you to do me a favor. Send Blaze a message telling her to investigate the Orca Car at the mid-race checkpoint, if she can get over there fast enough!"


Post by tiff15 on July 18th, 2020, 5:25 pm
Tristina gave Tails a salute, then added "Okay Tails, but you're gonna owe me for this one" with a wink. Tristina sat up, took a deep breath, exhaled, and opened her eyes. raising her hands, Tristina's eyes faded from view as she began to type.

Meanwhile, back at the Orca car, one of the drivers had noticed Tristina. "That girl...somehow, she's the one that's been messin' with the car's engine. Should we tell the boss?." "Yeah. she might be worth more to 'im than she is to us." said the second driver, already dialing the number...

Post by OctaScratchRock on July 19th, 2020, 4:54 am
Once Blaze received her message, she immediately set out for the airport to catch the next plane out. Only, there was a problem.

"What do you mean, that was the last plane to the south!?" Blaze demanded.

"Well, unless you can sprout wings and fly there yourself, you're gonna have to wait until our next flight leaves tomorrow morning!" said the man at the front desk.

"Oh, YEAH?" Blaze snorted. "Well, what's that big thing sitting out there!? And don't you DARE tell me it's a bird!!!"

"I'm sorry, ma'am, but that plane is privately owned. It belongs to Cruncher Block."

Octavia spun her head.

She began to think.

That's when the idea hit her.

She sneaked aboard Cruncher's plane just before it took off.

Cruncher wanted his pilot to help him keep an eye on the race, just in case.

Meanwhile, Sonic noticed that the Orca Car was beginning to catch up. "Uh oh..." Sonic muttered.


The Orca Car rammed the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution hard and sent it sailing over the cliffside. Tails drove the tough Japanese rally car down the rockside, hoping to escape. That's when the Orca Car steered hard and drove straight through the guardrail, chasing after them.

Thick forest lay ahead, but Tails had a plan. Tails pressed a button on the dashboard, and a pair of rotary saws stuck out of the front of the car. Tree by tree, the Lancer cleared a path through the forest!

"We should be safe now." said Sonic. "The path we're making will be much too narrow for them to follow us on."

That's when Sonic felt the urge to shout "Me and my big mouth!" when the Orca Car simply rammed its way through the trees, showing it didn't need a path at all.

"Hold on, I've gotta find some way to stop that monster!" Tails said.

He spun the Mitsubishi around and floored it back towards the Orca Car.

"I'm gonna try to rip his tires off!" Tails said.

The car dove towards the massive evil contraption with its rotary saws spinning and successfully cut one of the tires free. It flew off of the giant vehicle and sailed into oblivion. Tails spun around and attempted to hit another blow at the tires, but this time the Orca Car's crew were ready. They dodged Tails' attack and gave their own ram to the Lancer, sending it spinning out. The three of them screamed as their car hurtled through the air and into an icy lake.

The Orca Car came to a stop. While the army of mechanics got to work replacing the missing tire, the driver and co-driver had themselves a look at the lake.

It was as still as glass.

"Call Cruncha Blahk. Tell 'am we sent 'am ta tha bottom a' Lake Icy Chill!!"

And with that, they took off.

The amazing Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is a car that can do many things, but can it keep Tristina, Tails, and Sonic safe from the depths of this icy northern lake, and if so, will they be able to escape the ORCA CAR?

Post by tiff15 on July 19th, 2020, 1:40 pm
"Time to call in my backup," Tristina said, pressing a button on her bracelet which sent a tracking signal to her wheelchair.

"Tails, permission to take control of the car?" Tristina asked.

"Granted!" Tails cried as Sonic (still being afraid of water) began to panic.

"Accessing core engine and enabling backup protocols."

after a few moments, a glowing light blue shield surrounded the Mitsubishi. Suddenly, a light on Tristina's bracelet flashed. Tristina, while maintaining the shield, pointed one palm to the back of the car. Tails and Sonic gave a start as they felt something begin to pull them towards the surface. as the car was pulled from the lake, Sonic and Tails turned to see it was Tristina's wheelchair with a winch beneath hauling them.

"Thanks again, Tails, for installing those industrial-strength towing cables and winch beneath my wheelchair. I figured they would come in handy." Tristina said, smirking as she released the shield.

Post by OctaScratchRock on July 22nd, 2020, 11:56 am
Blaze sat quietly in the cargo bay of Cruncher Block's private plane. She had no idea what to expect or what she was going to hear.

That's when she heard chatter going on above her in the passenger compartment.

"I always get hungry when I'm up to skullduggery! Gimme a sandwich!"

It was Cruncher Block's voice. Now she knew something was up.

Post by tiff15 on July 22nd, 2020, 7:19 pm
As Blaze continued to listen, it turned out that Cruncher Block was living up to his name.

Blaze's ears perked up as the phone rang.

"Yes?" he asked gruffly. "You what?"

more silence as the man on the other end.

"You idiot! Eggman is paying us top dollar for those two hedgehogs alive, and you go and send 'em into the drink??"

More silence.

"alright. I'm on my way to the mid-race checkpoint now. we'll deal with Eggman after. I just hope he'll pay us for getting rid of the hedgehogs for him."

"Tristina, we're catching up the Orca!" Tails cried over the roar of his Mitsubishi's engine.

"Stay in its blind spot for now. I'm gonna check out what they're hiding." Tristina said gripping Tail's shoulder before opening the side door.

raising her hand, Tristina's eyes disappeared as a claw came out of one of the side panels of the car. it began to glow blue as it reached for the car, then shuddered and went for Tristina.

"Tiff!" Sonic called.

"alarm unnecessary Sonic. possession activated. claws new target is me."

"Tiff says she made the claw grab her instead of the car!" Tails (who knew Sonic didn't understand computer speak) explained as the claw brought Tristina closer to the side of the Orca.

Tristina's eyes faded back in as the claw continued to hold her. "Okay big guy," Tristina said, placing her palm on the Orca's side. "Let's see what your hiding under that fresh coat of paint."

Postby OctaScratchRock on July 23rd, 2020, 10:56 am
But before Tristina could detect anything under the Orca's paintwork, it zapped her with a controlled burst of electricity! She fell back onto the Mitsubishi Lancer's hood, and was pulled in by Sonic.

"What just happened to you!?" Sonic asked.

"I think they could detect my presence and electrocuted me...." Tiff replied.

Meanwhile, up front, the Orca Car's drivers were relaxed and ready for the mid-race checkpoint. That's when a furious call from Cruncher Block startled them.


"Nothin'!" the Orca Car's driver replied. "We took care of 'em! Dere at de bottom a' Lake Icy Chill! Dat's were dey are!"

"OH, YEAH!? Look behind ya, and DON'T YOU TELL ME THEY'RE GHOSTS!"

The Orca Car's driver had a peek in the rear view.

There was a red Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution on their tail.

"AH, DERE GHOSTS!" the Orca Car's driver exclaimed.

Postby tiff15 on July 24th, 2020, 1:44 pm
"Get 'em ya mugs, and remember! Eggman wants both hedgehogs alive!"
"Hoo boy." Tristina groaned, shaking her head to clear it. Tristina then looked at her palm to see, amongst the scorched skin, a fleck of gold. "Tiff, look!" Sonic called as buzz bombers began swarming from the orca car. amidst the hedgehog shaped scorch marks on the side were slivers of gold.

"Sonic, Toss me up there again!" Tristina called, pulling herself to the side.

"but Tiff...youll be..."

"If they fry me, I'll fry 'em right back," said Tristina, quickly crafting a see-through throwing knife and showing it to Sonic. "The Golds in that car. if they make it to the border, we lose much more than a race. Take care of those buzz heads, and I'll handle the rest."

picking up Tristina, the hedgehog tossed her towards the car. grabbing onto one of the exhaust shafts on the side of the car, Tristina used the incredible strength in her arms to make her way towards where she had been. as she felt the electricity build up yet again, Tristina slammed her knife to where she knew the conductors to be and smirked as it died down. crafting another knife, Tristina tucked it into her belt and continued towards the cab of the car.

OOC: I did a quick google search, and it turns out Gold conducts electricity far better than copper. people tend to use copper more because its cheaper.

Post by OctaScratchRock on July 29th, 2020, 2:30 pm
Suddenly, a machine gun popped out of the side of the Orca Car and shot Tristina straight in the hip. She lost her balance and fell straight back onto the Mitsubishi.

"TRISTINA!!!" Sonic and Tails shouted in unison.

The Orca Car drove off, faster than imaginable.

Meanwhile ahead, the mid-race checkpoint stood. The Orca Car came to a squealing halt, and its driver peeked out the window.

"Somebody mark our time." He ordered.

Quickly, someone rushed out of the stands and stamped their time.

Cruncher Block's plane had just landed nearby to see his prized Orca Car in action, and Blaze had sneaked off and to the checkpoint. Suddenly, she made a scene announcing her presence.


Everyone shut up and looked.

"I'm ordering a THUROGH inspection of the Orca Car! New evidence has come to light!!"

Men in suits walked out of the crowd and began to approach the car.

Suddenly, the Orca Car slammed on the throttle before anyone could get on board.


Sonic, Tails and Tristina blew past in their Lancer Evolution.

"You heard Blaze." said Sonic. "Let's catch him before it's too late!"

Post by tiff15 on July 29th, 2020, 6:23 pm
Tristina groaned, holding her side. a few bullets had grazed her hip and shoulder, but her mind remained intact.

"Alright," she growled, holding onto the windshield of the Mitsubishi as Tails drew closer.

"Tails, keep the car in its blind spot. I'm not sure how many more of my 'landings' the roof will take. Sonic, start wailing on the car. make as much of the gold intravenous system as visible as possible. I'll distract the driver. Let's go!"

making a few spare 'canceling knives' for herself, Tristina was soon back where she had been on the side of the car, making her way towards the cab.

This has to be the craziest thing Ive ever done Tristina thought as she, holding onto the air exhaust vents for support, smashed her body into the passenger side window.

"Unless you two want to end up 6 feet under," Tristina growled, pulling her useless legs into the cab. "Beach this whale...NOW!"

Tristina then raised a glowing hand as the cars steering column and controls began to glow..." before I do it for you." Tristina continued in a monotonous voice.

Post by OctaScratchRock on July 30th, 2020, 3:40 pm
"LOOK OUT!!!" Sonic screamed.

Tristina then realized that one of the car's crew members was looking down at her from a port on the side of the car with a sniper rifle.

She ducked just in time before a bullet came whizzing past her.

"I'd better take care of this dolt before I can stop the car! He'll kill me if I take my eyes off him!!" Tristina thought to herself.

Another bullet came whizzing past the spinning tire Tristina hid behind.

That's when she heard announcements coming from a loudspeaker, followed by an audience cheering.

It was the finish line.



Everyone cheered and confetti was thrown into the air. But that's when the audience began to calm down. Something felt wrong all of a sudden.

"It might just be the momentum considering the speed at which both cars have been moving for so long, " said the announcer, "but it seems like NEITHER car is slowing down! In fact, I can see that the Orca Car is actually beginning to go faster!"

Tristina aimed her pulse device towards the sniper, narrowly missing a third shot from him. "Take this!" Tristina muttered as she pulled off a shot. The sniper was hit and fell out of the car to his immediate death upon contact with the road below.

By now, Tristina realized that they were in the middle of a giant city, and disabling the car's steering here could cause catastrophic damage. She knew now that getting into the car and wrestling her way to the steering wheel would be her best bet at taking the giant metal monster down. With the car getting closer and closer to the cargo docks (where there was a cargo ship waiting for the Orca Car to transport it out of Japan) Tristina had to find a way to get on board the car from where she was.

Post by tiff15 on July 31st, 2020, 5:50 pm
manually hooking her legs under one goons seat, Tristina grabbed onto the steering wheel.

keeping one hand on the steering wheel, Tristina -in an act similar to a mobile hedgehog - reached her other hand behind her.

then manually pulled one leg forward and pressed it on the brake (using her weight as leverage) as hard as she could.

"Sorry boys. shows over" Tristina growled, karate chopping the co-pilot into unconsciousness as sirens approached the Orca car.

pulling her remaining leg from under the unconscious pilot, Tristina heard a click as she felt the muzzle of a laser gun be pressed into her quills.

"We're getting this haul to our bo-"

within a blink of an eye, the driver was disarmed as Tristina held one of her knives to his throat. "I'd break off your deal with Eggman. you lose."

Post by OctaScratchRock on August 6th, 2020, 1:41 pm
Suddenly, there was a giant BUMP. Everyone was thrown to the floor. The Orca Car had driven off the road and into the harbor, and no one was in control of it.

Tristina got up and looked out the windshield to see a giant oil tank straight ahead of them. "Time to bail!" she thought. The computerized hedgehog jumped out of the car just in time before it slammed into the oil tank and burst into flames.

Sonic and Tails pulled their Mitsubishi up next to Tristina. Sonic was the first to get out.

"Are you okay??" Sonic asked.

"Yeah, I'm okay." Tristina said.

The three of them turned and looked at the burning Goliath. As they watched it, they noticed something.

The car's frame was melting!

It melted down and down, slowly but surely, until they could see the metal.

IT WAS GOLD! Melted gold bubbled all over the place.

Sonic's ears shot up as he began to realize everything. "I get it now!" he said. "The car WASN'T carrying the gold. The car itself WAS the gold! They built the gold right into the car's frame and simply painted over it!"

Tails smiled. "That must be why they took the time to paint over the scratches when that train ran into them!" he said.

Post by tiff15 on August 7th, 2020, 1:05 pm
"So that's the end of the Orca car." sighed Tristina, wringing out her quills.

"Shame. It DID have some impressive schematics. Ah, here we are!" Tristina looked up the hill they had gone over to find Tristina's wheelchair faithfully flying towards them.

Once Tristina was settled, she looked up to see the two bodies of the Orca car's drivers wash ashore. wheeling over, Tristina felt one mans neck.

"Sonic, these guys are still alive!" Tristina called

Postby OctaScratchRock on August 10th, 2020, 1:51 pm
Sonic began to wonder as the fire raged around them.

"Should we rescue them?" Sonic asked.

Tails looked over at Tristina. "You got us this far." Tails said. "I'm leaving that decision to you."

Postby tiff15 on August 11th, 2020, 5:44 pm
"Tails, is the pontoon function you built for my wheelchair still functioning?" Tristina asked, looking around her chair. Tails ran to the back and opened the back panel. "Yeah." he called. "the key should be just above the turbo boost button."

"Im going to activate it. push me into the water, and I'll save the Orca pit crew. Sonic, get Blaze and fill her in on everything that's happened. by the time I get back, she should have the police in tow..

Tristina activated the pontoons, which erupted like a large 3 man raft with Tristina at the helm. using the super speed in her arms, Tristina used a piece of the Orca wreckage and made her way towards the struggling survivors.

Post by tiff15 on August 13th, 2020, 1:05 pm
"Hold on there, folks!" Tristina cried after hearing the shout of the crew. Tristina then plucked a few souls away from the fire by using mechanical arms on the back of her wheelchair.

"HOLY SWEET JESUS AND MARY CHRIST!" One of the Orca Car's crew exclaimed. "THEY'RE COMIN' TA KILL US!"

"NO IM NOT!" Tristina cried, holding up her hands. "Regardless of what you've done, if you want to live, climb on in!" Tristina added, depositing the people she had saved from the fire into the boat.

"GUYS! SHE'S TRYING TO SAVE US! SHE'S..." one of the crew members screamed as something from the Orca car exploded, sending a huge wave of water that engulfed them all.

doing her best to keep from capsizing, Tristina used the robotic claws on the back of her wheelchair along with the joystick to fish out more crew members.

Meanwhile, back on shore, Sonic returned with Blaze and plethora of cops. "Whats the situation with the Orca car?" Blaze asked.

Postby OctaScratchRock on August 14th, 2020, 10:56 am
Sonic began to explain.

"You see, the Orca Car wasn't CARRYING the gold. The Orca Car itself WAS the gold! They built the gold right into the fabric of the vehicle and simply painted over it."

Blaze was impressed at the criminals' clever trick, but knew what had to be done. "You almost can't be mad at them, that was so clever of them." said Blaze.

Tails stood. "While you and the cops take care of the crooks," he said, "let's not forget that the Orca Car was disqualified for its criminal intentions. Thus, WE are the WINNERS of the No-Limit National Race!"

Later, Sonic, Tails, and Tristina stood on the winner's circle, and were handed their trophy by Blaze. Suddenly, Blaze felt someone tug on her coat. She looked down to see Cream the Rabbit and her chao, Cheese, looking up at her.

"Some people get awards and some people get nothing at all." said Cream.

Tails leaned in at Blaze. "They're jealous. Maybe they won't be so sour if you give them a little something."

Blaze nodded and handed them a little bowl.

"We were hoping for candy." said Cream.

"Well, then why don't you stick your hand in?" asked Blaze.

Cream and Cheese reached into the bowl. It was full of sweets. The two children smiled and tore into it as everyone laughed.


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