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Sonic Prime seems like an interesting opportunity with that purported multiverse angle.

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#101 PuffinGrandeur


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Posted 15 March 2013 - 12:20 AM

Why would they bother with in-story justifications for redesigns if they're just going to use the crossover to do it

#102 Wulfsbane


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Posted 22 March 2013 - 07:34 PM

Just to piss us off?

The Scribes, if anyone wants to join a growing community. Ask me if you want to know more.


“Some say that he is the only man in history to buy a DFS sofa when there wasn’t a sale on, and that his favourite boxing venue is Munich airport. All we know is he’s called the Stig.”


“Some say that if you hold him in the wrong way he doesn’t work properly, and that just very recently he developed an irrational hatred of Rubens Barrichello. All we know is he’s called the Stig.”


Bearing with one another and, if one has a complaint against another, forgiving each other; as the Lord has forgiven you, so you also must forgive. -Colossians 3:13

#103 bwrosas


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Posted 18 April 2013 - 02:48 PM

Afternoon everybody, you know yesterday and for the past few days I've talked about a lot of what I'm about to talk about here. But mostly through other forms of communication.

Now the first thing I want to talk about, is something that fans have been debating since the final panel of 231. You see fans have been debating and going back and forth on whether or not Sally was as some have put it "gutted". And what these fans mean by this, is in that final panel of 231, Eggman held a blowtorch up to her robotic face. Thus by seeing this, some fans have assumed and speculated and even taken it as evidence that Eggman had "gutted" her.

Now one could say that these fans who have assumed it and speculated this, one could say that they have a legitimate argument. Meaning that when you look at the laser cannon that was placed in her head, and the back of her which serves as the power source for power rings to help keep her online, again one could say that they have legitimate arguments. But again all it is right now is assumption and speculation.
However, for the sake of argument, let's say that these fans who believe this to be true are correct, there is one thing they need to understand, that no matter what happened to her, that when she is restored, she will be herself again. Now I understand, that they know she'll be restored, but because they believe she was "gutted", that her personality will be different, that she won't be the Sally we once knew. My answer to that, is don't worry she will be her old self again. And I know I'm not the only one alone that believes that. Because if you think Sega and Archie comics, and depending on if you like him or not, Ian Flynn, would change her personality knowing the backlash they could get, you have to be kidding me. I mean yes, the redesigns of the Saturday morning characters have been criticized, but one has to understand just because characters get redesigns, doesn't mean their personalities are going to change.

You see, in all of media, you are bound to have redesigns occur, but just because the redesigns occur doesn't mean the personalities change, because they don't. True there have been a few exceptions, but if you're a company selling graphic novel archives which contains stories that feature said characters that will be getting the redesigns, why would you change what the new readers are reading In those archives in the current run of the comic. Overall answer, you wouldn't.

Now as far as the crossover goes, some within the first two parts have enjoyed this crossover so far. While others have become quick to judge it. Now why would they be quick to judge it, because some of them feel that the crossover is nothing more than a gimmick brawl, that offers no substance for the characters or the overall story. Some feel that it doesn't even give you an opportunity to get to know who the characters are. For example, if your new to the Mega Man franchise and if not the comic book itself, you'll want an opportunity to get to know who the characters are and thus you have the crossover. But again some fans feel that the crossover, even though we're two parts into it, feel that the crossover is not even doing that. However there are those that are quick to defend it, and they feel that those that are quick to judge it, should wait until part three and perhaps even part four and five before giving judgment. In fact one reviewer, named megabeatman actually enjoyed part two because it was more action oriented. And this is why there are those that are quick to defend it and just want those that are quick to judge it to give it time.

I mean there is no doubt, that the crossover is indeed a publicity stunt by both Capcom and Sega along with Archie comics, and yes it does capitalize on the Mega Man franchise's 25th anniversary and on Sonic's 20th anniversary as a comic book, but still if the main writer of both books already had this story set and ready to go, who are any of us to be quick to judge the story before it's over.
Yes it is a similar story of mistaken identity that we have seen many times over in all sorts of comic books and media, but it all depends on how it's presented and if many right now feel that it's been presented in a good way then again who are we to be to quick to judge it.
And think of it this way, as crazy as it sounds, but for those that are upset with Ian Flynn turning Sally into a robot for the long as he has, look at this from this vantage point, if this crossover was a one issue a month deal, it would be lasting from April of this year to March 2014, in a sense you would have for a full majority of this crossover, Amy Rose being turned into and featured as a robot, now true it wouldn't be as long as the state that Sally has been in, but still in a sense it shows that even Flynn (with Sega's permission no doubt) shows no favoritism. Whither you like the guy on not, and believe me I've had my problems with him, he at least has shown you with this crossover that nothing is (as long Sega is okay with it), that nothing is off limits.

Now, let's take a look at the aftermath of not just this crossover, but of the Mecha Sally/Death Egg MK II/World Tour II story arc, that has been going on since October of 2011. Now Ian has been reported as saying that after this arc is over, we would be going into another, but what that one is we do not know. Quite frankly, we don't even know if we'll going to get a break, and just have single to short two, maybe three part issues of the main comic.
But I think one thing, we could all agree on, is if the conclusion to this arc has any value to it, depending on if you've enjoyed this arc or not, and whether you feel it was padded on for too long or not, I have a feeling the value of the conclusion/payoff will be worth it, because story wise you got a look at it this way. Eggman has put the heroes through hell and back, and if you think after being turned into robot Masters in the crossover and after being modified into what she was, if you don't think that Sonic, Sally, Amy Rose and the others will not have payback on their minds, you got another thing coming.
In my opinion, this is what I feel will happen, you will either see Eggman reduced to almost having nothing, or you will see him go back into insanity. And what I mean, is that this may be the last time we see the robotasizer ever, and possibly the end of legionazation, thus reducing him all the way back to square one, or again like I said, he'll crack and be sent back into insanity.
As for the characters, let's just say, there will be a lot of development going on.

Thank you all for reading, and God bless.

#104 bwrosas


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Posted 06 September 2013 - 10:17 AM

TGIF, September 6, 2013.  Start time 10:28 AM
One of the things that I've mentioned and asked about, is, "Was these past two years, the best time for Ian Flynn to do his epic World Tour 2/Death Egg Mark 2/Mecha Sally arc?"
Well, my obvious opinionated answer to that, is no.  And here is why.
Now, I don't want to shift or put the complete blame of the timing of this two-year story arc all on Ian.  You see, despite how you feel about him, he wasn't given a heads up of any kind from any of the higher-ups at Archie comics or even Sega.  Because you see, if someone way above him would've taken the time to call him or e-mail him, heck even Skype him, to let him know that those previous two years would not be the best time to do this arc due to some behind-the-scenes shenanigans and court proceedings that were beyond their control or even his.  Ian, in my opinion could've had the opportunity to not only put the storyline on hold, but as crazy as it sounds, perhaps make it even grander, and as some fans have complained about, make it more sensible, in other words, make the plot/arc easier to understand and follow.
If someone higher up then Ian or even Paul could have done that, not only would allow Ian to do what I just mentioned, but also to probably do the Worlds Collide crossover before hand as a "Another Time, Another Place" event, that could have spanned the issues in which this recent two-year arc took place in.
It could have even open the door for other possible stories to take place, and through these other stories, Ian could have found a similar/different method to get where he was going with issue 230.
This isn't the first time that something like this has happened.   You see, back in the early to mid-90s, DC comics was planning on doing a wedding issue between Superman/Clark Kent and Lois Lane.  The only problem, was at this time, Warner Bros. and DC comics were producing the live-action Lois and Clark : The New Adventures Of Superman on ABC.  Now what happened here, is something that I believe in a similar way could have been done with this comic book.  You see, DC comics and the creative staff on the Superman comics, were all set and ready to do the wedding issue, however Warner Bros. along with ABC wanted to do the wedding of Lois and Clark before DC comics did it in the Superman comics.  So what happened, is they let the creative staff on the comics know about this and ask them to hold off on their version of the wedding until after their version had aired on ABC.  Now this, obviously left a void in that timeframe, and they needed something to fill that timeframe, and thus the Doomsday arc/The Death Of Superman was created as well as the aftermath, along with his return.
And again, what does this have to do with these past two years?  Very simply put, the higher-ups or someone up there could have done the same thing for Ian, they could have told them to hold off on his mega story arc until these behind-the-scenes shenanigans are/were taken care of.  Thus, as I mentioned before, would have given Ian a little more time to work on his script of this mega arc that has recently completed.  And giving him other story options to work with.  And in the long run, avoided this whole mess that fans say Ian and those associated with him got themselves into.
Now, this is just my opinion as a longtime twenty-year fan.  But I honestly feel, that if someone in the high offices could have had the balls if you will to come down and let Ian and his fellow creative staff know what was going on behind the scenes, and told/asked them to hold off on this mega arc until everything was settled, then none of the BS that fans have said that Archie comics and Ian himself put them through, throughout these past two years, in my honest opinion, would have never happened.
And that's all I'm going to say about that.
TGIF, September 6, 2013, ending time : 10:58 AM

#105 bwrosas


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Posted 07 December 2013 - 04:22 PM



December 2013 Monthly Opnions on The Sonic Comic Book and Franchise 


Sonic The Hedgehog #255 Review



#106 bwrosas


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Posted 20 October 2014 - 10:35 PM

Someone asked me a question on given art, space and the question was about my thoughts on Ian Flynn not showing any sonic and Sally moments in the comic for the time being.  Well, I look at it like this, I believe what Ian Flynn is doing is cooling down the Sonic and Sally relationship of the time being.
What that means, is that Ian,  like many others out there has gotten sick and tired of the shipping wars between the fan's, and feels that the only way he is going to put a stop to it, is to stop showcasing the special romantic/flirting moments of Sonic and Sally and Sonic and Amy.
In my opinion, I believe that Ian Flynn is going to slowly build the Sonic and Sally relationship on a romantic level back up to the point that it will be less confusing and hopefully more acceptable by fans who by that time it happens, from Ian's point of view, both have a better understanding as to why Sonic and Sally are together and are meant to be together.  
Let's not forget that Ian Flynn himself even said he was a fan of Sonic and Sally's relationship, but even he has his breaking point and if holding back/cooling down on the relationship itself (from his point of view) is the only way to cool down, if not put an end to the shipping wars between the fans, then that is what he's going to do. Besides I don't think Ian really wants to do this, but the fans and the other shipping wars (from his point of view) have left him with no choice.
On the positive side of things,  this will not be the first time that this has happened.  As a matter of fact from issues 134 to 222, it had nearly been 90 issues (7 1/2 years) between Sonic and Sally's breakup and their reuniting (boyfriend/girlfriend) restart.  Though it's nothing really new and if it 90 issues and 7 1/2 years almost for them to get back together, after going through so many different writers throughout those 7 1/2 years, I don't think Ian's cooling off will hurt anything. The only difference is Sonic and Sally are good friend's.
I also think Ian Flynn is waiting to see how fans react with Sonic Boom and the official introduction of Perci into the franchise.  The reason I say this, is because I believe Ian wants to see if fans of going to start shipping wars with Boom,  just like they did with the main franchise and the main comic book series.  Because like Ian Flynn and probably anybody else reading this, I think it would only be a matter of time before fans start a shipping war with some fans wanting to ship Sonic and Perci together versus the fans that want to ship Sonic and Amy together.  And I believe that when that moment happens, that that'll be the moment Ian Flynn starts his slow build in the main comic of getting Sonic and Sally back together on romantic level. 
And the reason I say that, is because I think Ian Flynn wants to show the fans that it doesn't matter who the other female character is, that if that portion of the Sonic franchise calls for it, Sonic will be with that female in some form or fashion.  And I think that's what Ian Flynn wants the fans to understand,  that it doesn't matter what portion of the franchise, wither it's a new spinoff like Boom is or it's a comic book that's been going on which is over 20 years now or even a Saturday morning cartoon series that's still has a legacy/fan base probably more stronger today than it's ever been, that if that portion of the franchise calls for the main hero to fall in love or be flirtatious with the other main female or at least one of them, then that's how it's going to go down.
The way I see it, I believe Ian Flynn is hoping that fans that wanted the comics to be more like the games in a sense, will realize that that's what the main comics are becoming like now and that is least in, probably when the time is right bring forward the Sonic and Sally relationship once more, space and as I mentioned above eariler, I feel and believe Ian Flynn is going to slowly rebuild the Sonic and Sally relationship to point that when he is ready bring it back to the fore front, that it will be accepted on a more understanding level, that even those that want Sonic and Amy together will have a better understanding and sense that there is a reason why Sonic and Sally are together and are meant to be together, I believe that's what Ian Flynn is aiming for.
Now, if everything that I mentioned above is Ian's way of trying to get the entire fan base to understand the reasoning behind Sonic and Sally being together as a couple in the comics by cooling that relationship down for the moment and focusing more on the stories themselves and the action involved as well as on the other characters involved in those stories, then that's what he's going to have to to do. And it won't be the first time that a writer or a creative staff of writers has cool down on a relationship in comic's. We've seen it done in DC comics and Marvel comics, and when the main writer or creative team of writers feel the time is right,  then that's when they will start to slowly build back up to that relationship being reignited once again. And I feel, like probably some other fans reading this feel, that that is the direction that Ian Flynn is going in right now as far as the main sonic comic goes along with the Sonic and Sally relationship.
Now does this mean Ian's going to focus on Sonic and Amy relationships and other special moments, of course not. Let me explain, because if he's going to cool down on Sonic/Sally's relationship and their special moments, then he's going to do the same thing for Sonic/Amy. Because I think he knows (him being a fan himself in the past) that it would not be fair to the fan base if he shut down one relationship and start favoring another in its place. Though I don't think and I know some may agree with me, but I don't think Ian is going to favor Sonic/Amy, while he's cooling down on Sonic/Sally, I don't think he will and those of you reading this probably know that as well.
But in closing, let me say this, whether you like it or not or whether you're a fan of Ian Flynn's or not, as a fan of the comic myself for the past 21 years, I truly believe that Ian Flynn as I mentioned earlier in this wall of text (as some will call it) I believe Ian Flynn is going to slowly start to rebuild the Sonic/Sally relationship up to a point that when he officially announces or even hints that they'll going to get back together, that it will hopefully be more accepted by the fans who from his point of view would have a better understanding as to why Sonic/Sally are meant to be together, as a fan of 20+ years, I truly believe that's what he's hoping for.  And this is coming from someone that some fellow fans have said and have mentioned "guested it correctly" or "called it correctly" about certain things and events that were/wiil going to happen in the comic.
So that's all I'm going to say and God bless you all and leave comments/replies underneath and have a good day.

#107 Robthe1st


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Posted 21 October 2014 - 01:46 PM

If I were the writer, I would rather not put Sonic in a love relationship. Because, Sonic is better to be single and it differently fits that way. I think Ian should stay off the love relationship between Sonic and Sally or Sonic and Amy. I know that some of the die hard Sonamy fans want this to happen, but, like I've said it's better that Sonic should remain single. And the comics now post to be like aim for children like ages 6 and up (Just like the video games series) and that's the reason why writer Ian Flynn is trying to do.


And I use to be a Sonally fan back then, but, ever since Amy Rose appears in the video games, the Sonamy fans around the world has already spread like a virus. However, Sega won't have a Sonic and Amy love relationship, if the Sonamy fans gaining more strength like nearly 100%.. if that happens then Sega will probably do that or not. As for Sally Acorn, she is based on the American comic books and not the video games. I still like Sally though and I still think she's a good character, but for now, it's better if Sally and Sonic stay as friends. Same goes for Sonic and Amy, but, I'm afraid they might be in a love relationship depends if more and more people wants them to be in a relationship.. we'll see about that in the future.  


That's my comment.     

#108 MoKat


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Posted 04 November 2014 - 01:11 PM

Honestly, I think there's too much going on in the comic right now for Ian to even -begin- to address Sonic & Sally's relationship properly. 

Given Sega's distaste for 'shipping in the first place, perhaps (as Rob said) Ian shouldn't put Sonic in a love relationship with -anybody- right now.  The world in the Sonic comics is far more different than the SatAM Sonic world now.


BW raises a good point, though; as long as there is a female character in the cast there are going to be fans who want Sonic to "be with" that character.  There's no way to get around that.


#109 bwrosas


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Posted 09 February 2016 - 12:52 PM

This was an e-mail I got from them (Archie Comics) yesterday as to the delay :



Good Afternoon,

Unfortunately, due to a printing problem Sonic Universe issue #82 and Sonic #279 will now ship and arrive by the middle to end of March. It will be followed by the next issue once a month after this. It will not affect your subscription other than the issues taking longer to arrive than expected. We truly do apologize for this and the inconvenience we may have caused.

Again, we truly do apologize for this and once receiving the issues the comics will go back on schedule.


Your Thoughts?


#110 sonicroc


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Posted 14 February 2016 - 01:01 PM

Printing problems eh?  It's possible, since Archie Comics moved last year. 

#111 DaddlerTheDalek


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Posted 03 April 2016 - 06:17 AM

Now everything seems to be back on track.

"You're watching a poster!"

#112 MoKat


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Posted 03 April 2016 - 12:37 PM

Indeed;  I picked up a copy of Sonic Universe #83 yesterday.


#113 bwrosas


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Posted 18 August 2016 - 10:18 PM

Sonic # 285 Review :

Overall I thought this was a decent continuation to "Panic In The Sky".

The way this part is set up is done very well. We basically have the Freedom Fighters regrouping and finding out Eggman's true intentions for Chip and The Dark Gaia Energy.

But as I stated before with #284, I get a sense of deja-vu from the #175-#177 saga, especially with Eggman gloating like he's already won and conquered the world.

I also see (possibly) because of the montage we were given over a few pages of the Gaia Colossus forming from the temples, that some Egg bosses may change sides? We'll have to wait and see, won't we.

You can definitely tell the stakes have been raised to a whole new level here with Sally giving, what essentially is a "Do or Die"/"It's Now or Never"/ or to quote Optimus Prime from the '86 Transformers Movie "One shall stand, one shall fall" speech to the Freedom Fighters on what they have to do to finally put an end to this and restore the world to normal.

The artwork, especially at the end of the issue with the beginnings of the final battle was great and really helped make you feel the intensity flowing forth.

The dialogue was good to read too, by reading it for each of the Freedom Fighters, you can really sense that this is their finally chance to save the world, or fail in the process.

And by reading Eggman's dialogue, you can already sense that his ego will get the better of him in the end and that something will occur to cause his plan to backfire on him (Manipulation by Dark Gaia Perhaps?)

In the end, this was a decent continuation to the saga, can't wait to see what Part 3 has in store.

Thanks For Reading! Replies and Comments are Welcomed


#114 bwrosas


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Posted 17 October 2016 - 07:21 AM



Review of Sonic The Hedgehog #287 (Panic In The Sky Part 4)/The Shattered World Crisis Finale

Overall, This final part was pretty good. I mean if you played Sonic Unleashed, with the execption of the location of the fight with Dark Gaia, it somewhat followed it closely to a "T".


I did like how Bunnie, Tails and Antione were able to convice Sally that they and she did everything they could and that so far they got a minor victory out of it with Eggman losing a majority of his super-badniks and his EggmanLand base, which she did agree with and in turn said all they need to do now is lend their faith and support to Sonic and Chip who are battling Dark Gaia.


Now Eggman's reaction I did enjoy, because he did acknowledge that his plans had gone down the tubes, and that he can't really do anything in the way of striking fear into his enemies with his Death Egg so low on power and basically running on fumes, which Bunnie did note on eariler in the issue.


I will give credit for the subtle hints at a possible Sonic Lost World Adapation by Eggman, before he retreated to the Death Egg, so he could be out of range of Dark Gaia and the Freedom Fighters, if they started to rally.


The final act in the issue was done very well. I did feel the emotion coming from it as Chip

was saying Goodbye to all the Freedom Fighters, thanking them all for they gave to him and thus helping him to remember what he's there to protect and watch over. The reaction by Relic, was priceless.


I did enjoy the what seems to be a splash page of Chip restoring and the happy reactions from everyone, well except Eggman, who had a look of "Oh, Phooey, It's Not Fair" on his face, while Obot and Cubot tried to console him, as if to tell him "Well, better luck next time boss".


The final panels of the story I did enjoy, because it was the main SatAM Freedom Fighters celebrating and the sun rising over a restored world, with the last page being Chip hugging a restored world.


So overall, the final part of Panic in The Sky, the Shattered World Crisis Finale was done very well, and does lead into a much needed break for the characters before their next big adventture.


Overall, I do recommend reading The Panic In The Sky Mini-Series, although it may seem rushed in some issues, it does do a decent job of wrapping things up.


Rating 8.5/10 for Part 4 and 8/10 for the entire Mini-Series Finale.


Now let's talk about this near 3 year arc (over 3 years if you include Some of the Sonic Universe Arcs).


First of all, this is a storyarc that could have easily been done within a year's time, just like the Iron Dominion arc was done in, or even within the span of 6 issues. But did Ian want to do that, nope, instead he wanted to make his masterpiece that he didn't get to make with The Mecha Sally arc, due to the behind the scenes lawsuits and thus wanted to achive it with this one, and he did.


But you see the one problem with this, was the fact that it ran for too long, which was the main complaint of sereval fans/readers who kept wondering when it would finally end.


I mean Ian and those helping him to write this overall arc, could have ended it at anytime before this, but they didn't , and again because Ian wanted to create his masterpiece to be remembered by, should he ever decied to step down as head writer of the Sonic Comics.


Now you can say he wanted to take his time to restablish the world and the characters to everyone, and that might be true, but it shouldn't take this long to do so.


Even Marvel, DC and IDW don't do this and even if they do, they seperate it by chapters, for ex. 6 issues can equal 1 chapter, and so on. They also don't interupt said storyline to do a crossover that really doesn't have nothing to do with said storyarc, and is only there to promote games that no one remembers that well, espeically if they're of this new generation.


Point Blank, Ian Flynn wanted his Endgame story. And despite the length of it, he got it. But one has to remember, when Ken Penders did Endgame, which many may consider his masterpiece or not, he did it within the span of 4 issues, and it worked fine. Because it accomplished what it set out to do, and folks still talk about it to this day.


The one thing that I believe kept this storyarc from ending alot sooner, was the aformentioned Crossover between Sonic and Mega Man. Let's face it, we all knew a follow up/sequel to their first crossover Worlds Collide was going to happen, whither we wanted it to or not. But I don't think we thought it would happen in the middle of the freakin' Shattered World Crisis Arc, but yet it did. And as I mentioned earlier, didn't really have nothing to with Shattered World Crisis after it was all said and done.


I mean when you face the fact of it, what Archie and Ian are doing now with The upcoming Mega Drive book, Next Level, they easily could have done with 6 48-page comics, centered around this side story of a crossover, thus they wouldn't have to interupt the main flow of the Shattered World Crisis Arc, or any arc in the other 3/4 comic books that were used for it.


In the end, this crossover was nothing more than a mandate by Archie, Capcom and Mostly Sega, and those that wrote the crossover know that's the truth.


Let me close this out by saying this, I really did like Shattered World Crisis, I thought it was a decent way to attempt to fix the mess that the lawsuits left behind, as well as reintroduce the SatAM Cast to long-time fans and introduce them for the first time to newer fans.


I was one of many that did enjoy the moden redesigns for the SatAM characters that done for this soft retconned/rebooted world, and did enjoy how some of the SatAM cast got additional characteristics added to them, like Sally not knowing how to cook well, or Bunnie knowing how to sing and play gutiar, those I did enjoy.


So again, overall I did enjoy the arc and some of the side arcs, like Spark of Life, which gave some much needed background and character development to/for Nicole, which many, like myself did enjoy and I will admit, some didn't.


But the overall take-away with this discussion, along with the review above/before this, is that this entire arc could have been done and over with a lot sooner than it was. I mean if Ian can get his point across with his Iron Dominion arc within the span of 11 months (14, if count the Journey to the East Arc in Sonic Universe), then he could have done it here. I mean even his #175-#177 arc got the job done within the span of 3 issues.


So in the end, let's just hope he doesn't go overboard again, he says he won't, well let's pray he keeps his word.


And that's may overall take on Shattered World Crisis. Good, got the job done, but was way to long for it's good.





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(Nearly A Decade Later: Looking Back At The Mecha Sally Arc)
It isn't hard to believe, that it's been nearly a decade since the Mecha Sally arc began. And looking back, it's hard to believe all the missed opportunities that they had with his storyarc.

Now I'm not going to sit here and tell you that it didn't start out promising, because it did. I just feel that when they split the teams in two, with one team being Team Fighters which consisted of Sonic, Amy Rose, and Tails. Who ended up being the team that followed the Death Egg Mark II to try and save/restore Sally to normal.

Now the other team, which is called Team Freedom, stayed behind to protect the kingdom. And this team consisted of Cream the rabbit, Rotor, Big the cat, Heavy, Bomb, and on a part time basis, Nicole.
Now what's funny, is that when this split of teams happened, that's when this storyarc went downhill. Because when you look at how these two teams were represented, it seems that team freedom was represented better than team fighters. Because with team fighters, it was the same thing almost every issue, chase the Death Egg, fight a weaponized Mecha Sally, rinse and repeat.
While on the team freedom part of things, they were getting more character development on what they were doing.

Now of course you also had another group of the heroes that were kind of undercover. And that was the secret freedom fighters. Which consisted of sally's brother, two members of the Wolfpack freedom fighters, Silver The Hedgehog, an old school favorite Larry the Lynx, and helping them behind the scenes where Harvey who, Uncle Chuck, and Nicole.
Now the reason this group was formed was to secretly free the kingdom, from Nagus who usurped sally's a brother and gained the favoritism of the kingdom. Who were not aware of Nagus's true intentions. And that's where the secret freedom fighters come in.

Now some of you will question what are the missed opportunities that I alluded to at the beginning. Well let's take a look at them.
First off, when Tails is fighting Sally, she gives him a choice to defeat her or help save a village. Now Tails chooses to save the village, and if one thinks about it, if Sally was truly gone, she would have attacked Tails as soon as he turned his back, but she didn't. Which in my opinion, showed that she still had a little bit of free will left inside of her.
This theory can also be followed up, by the fact that when she is sent to go and kill her brother, that as soon as she enters the hut, he's not there but she can plainly see that he's escaped and she looks out the window with almost a regrettable feel for what Eggman was programming her to do. Because she could have easily gone after him and caught up with him, but she didn't and that shows me that she still had a bit of free will left inside her.
And this is a missed opportunity, that they could have capitalized on with Dr. Eggman wondering why she didn't go after her brother or attack Tails from behind as soon as he's turned around to go help save the village.
This is something from a story aspect that they could have really explored. I mean if you're going to have Dr, Eggman be this is a huge threat that's always one step ahead, then you could have easily made him realize and acknowledge that Sally may still have a bit of free will remaining inside of her, and that he has to find a way to subdue it.

Another missed opportunity, was not really explaining how Sally's unwilling betrayal caused Silver's future to become desolate. All we got was Silver making a deal with Harvey Who to be part of the secret freedom fighters in exchange for helping him find out who the traitor among the original freedom fighters was that caused his future to be in ruins.
I mean they do you give Silver a bit of reasoning for why Sally's betrayal caused his future to be so desolate. I agree, that during the passing of hundreds, if not thousands of years, historical facts can be misinterpreted or even lost in time. Which could validate Silver's explanation to Sonic and company as to why Sally is look at as the traitor that caused his future to be desolate.
But here's the biggest problem I have with this, why didn't Silver stop and question how sally's betrayal could have caused all of the desolation in his future. Because as much as sally's situation was impactful on all the other characters, wouldn't someone like sonic betraying the freedom fighters and the world have a more direct result on the future of the planet. Because honestly, I think it could/would, more so than that sally's unwilling betrayal.
And when you think about it, even silver could have figured that out, but again like I said this was another missed opportunity that they could have capitalized on.

Another missed opportunity, west Tails not confronting Shard or Silver on the fact that he pretty much know that sally's brother is leading a secret undercover team if not a secret undercover operation. I mean you could have him acknowledge that with what they were talking about to him and sonic, that he has an idea that they too are part of this secret mission that the King's a part of.
True, it may have not been that big of a deal, but still it could have filled in several potholes and gaps. And by not doing so, and having his teammates notice that he seems to know something they don't, kind of makes him a bit untrusting.

Another problem I had with this storyarc was the fact, that even though we had a behind the scenes issue that caused several changes in the story and several characters to be removed , I still believe that with subplots like endangered species, you could have kept some elements and scenes in there, even with the unfortunate removal of certain characters. But they didn't do that, and that in my opinion could have helped the story.
But speaking of the endangered species plot, it's during this or towards the end of it, that you come up with a solution that dates all the way back to issue 0 of the original Sonic miniseries as an answer to help Sally be restored.
To me, that shows desperation, and what I mean by desperation, is the fact that you have to dig back into the archives to find a last minute solution, because the original solution was taken out because of the behind the scenes lawsuits. Again, you could have kept the original solution for Sally being restored in the story, even without certain characters involved. But unfortunately they didn't do that.

One thing that a lot of fans know was a huge missed opportunity, was going all out with Sally's situation.
I mean there were/are several fans, that wrote or drew possible situations that could have really helped make this storyarc a lot more intriguing and interesting.
I mean one fan drew her as becoming so corrupted, that she ended up changing into a dragon like creature ala Ultmate Metal Sonic in Sonic Heroes.
Now that to me could really help make this story a lot more interesting and intriguing. Because if they would have gone in a direction like that, it would have been an interesting read. Because then you would have the characters confronted with trying to save and restore her, but at the same time realizing that they may have to destroy her if it comes down to it, because the form she's evolve into, maybe unreversible.
It's things like that, that are huge missed opportunities, that they could have capitalized on.

In the end, this storyarc, while it had a lot of potential and promise at the beginning, like I said at the start of this, as soon as they split the team's, that's when it all went downhill.
And let me say this, if you liked this arc, then that's fine, more power to you. But remember, as many of you may have like this arc, there's just a wee bit more that didn't like it.

That's all for now,

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Because, when you really think about it, the planning out of the story may have be great, and the potential of it may of sounded good, but the execution was downright terrible in the end.
And, I'm glad fellow fans have picked up the ball that was dropped and scored with it.
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