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Shame to hear about that. How old was he?

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Sorry to hear, Wulfsbane. My condolences.

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My grandfather passed on the 17th.

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This year's Thanksgiving was a lot tougher than normal.

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Same to you.

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Happy American Turkey Day

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Sally acorn painting you can try to follow along, needs re-voicing as its just me for now.

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Made another cartoon episode, its a painting tutorial on youtube check out my channel= 2D 3D CARTOONS

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Well the player base went up exponentially since the switch.

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Probably to help Bungie now that Activision's money isn't backing them.

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Destiny made the move to Steam.

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We'll probably see Tracer soon

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I'd rather see Mai in Smash

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I'm more surprised about the Fatal Fury character.

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Really wasn't keen on the idea of Sans being playable, but I guess he's in the same vein as Ness/Lucas

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I think it works.


What Is The Lustful Melt Gag?

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Posted 03 November 2014 - 01:04 PM

What is The Lustful Melt Gag?
With it being November 2014, I thought I'd talk about something that I found quite interesting.  And what that is is the fact that the "Lustful melt "gag is still very popular and is used more often then any of us can imagine.
What I mean is the lustful melt gag is still being used in all sorts of animation and even comic book media and yet we don't know what.  But thanks to websites like TVtropes's and their various categories of things related to all kinds of media, they can see how much this "Lustful melt "gag has been used in other forms of animation and comic book media.
What I mean is, for years/decades we have seen this melting gag used a variety of times and for some odd reason it never gets old and it just gets funnier.  And what I mean by getting funnier, is it all depends on the situation that the writers put the characters that go through with this gag and how it comes about.  Take for example in 1944 the Porky pig short Swooner Crooner and if somebody would've told you when you saw this animated short for the first time in theaters back in that time frame or even for the first time on television that one of the female hens would melt into a rippleing/vibrating black puddle with only her red mohawk if you will left on top, nobody would've believed you and furthermore as a kid you wouldn't understand why that scene happened, the only way you could understand and know why that scene happened was if you asked your parents and they told you the meaning behind it even if they didn't really know why that hen in tat animated scene melted.
But this would not be the first time nor the last that this lustful melt gag would be used in animation.  The next time it was used and mostly used the most was in the Popeye cartoons,  like I was saying the Popeye shorts mostly the late 40s to mid-50s would use his gag not once but twice and the character that did the kustful melt gag in the most shorts was Olive and to correct something that TV tropes put on the website, what I want to correct them on is,  yes Olive did melt into butter in the 1940s short but she only melted in a flat kind of way, in other words it's like let's say a steamroller rolled over her what she was trying to step down the stairs and that would be our first lustful melt of Olive, her second one and most prevalent one occurred in one of my personal favorites in 1956 or around that time,  it was at the end of this short after Popeye ate another can of spinach turned himself into his version of the International TV personality and kissed Olive on the hand that turned her all red and had steam coming out of her ears that she proceeded to say the same exact line she said in that 1940 short, but this time she melted into a complete puddle of butter with just her face on the puddle in a smiling way and she was flowing down the floor at the end of this short, so to correct TV tropes, Olive did melt into butter twice except the complete meltdown if you Parlaz Vous Woo, that was the short where she completely melted.
But that would not be the end of the lustful melt gag to date, Ono, BC they would continue on but not so visually, I mean it would be seen but not as much as it was before, that is until the 1980s and mostly the 1990s and the 1990s was the decade that the lustful melt tag really came into play especially thanks to two all-time animated great shows and those shows were Tiny Toon Adventures and Animaniacs.
BC right off the bat tiny tunes and would reintroduced the lustful melt dag in the pilot episode, space somewhat strangely in the episode Europe in 30 mins.,  the Acme bowl and Pluck Tracy episodes and at the end or towards the end of their Christmas special. So thanks to tiny tunes a whole new generation was introduced to this gag, but tiny tunes would not be the only show that would continue to use this gag
As I said, Animaniacs would continue this trend as well and it would take characters like Dot Warner in the 11 min. short Space Probed to introduced it to the Animaniacs show and then they would take one character in specific to really embrace the lustful melt gag as her own in Animaniacs and that character was Minveria Mink and Minveria did this not once, but twice.
Minveria would do this the first time in her debut short, space correction her solo debut short Moon Over Minveria  when she would see her nerdy friend's alter ego, his werewolf alter ego for the second time and because of that, she would melt into a multi-colored creamed puddle that was only reformed when her friend in his werewolf alter ego character picked her up and ringed her out like a wet towel, in other words if her friend wanted to, he could've walked away for two hours went and saw movie and come back and she'd still be lying there a melted multi-creamed puddle, that we'll get into that meaning in just a little bit. The second time Minveria  did this was in her second solo short Meet Minveria  and she did this towards the end when she met her best friend's cousin and in one of her expressionly ways she jumps into this male mink's arms and literally melts through his hands. That's right she literally melts through his hands and to top it off she melts by splitting in half, that's right when she melts in his hands she melts and splits in half so one half goes one way melted into a puddle and the other goes the other way melting into the same puddle, yeah I know that doesn't make sense but that's how it was, the only difference was she was able to reform herself without anybody's help
With the help of both Animaniacs and Tiny Toon adventures, the lustful melt gag was reintroduced to a new generation and proved to become very very popular to the point that less than a decade later as soon as the Internet started to take off in the way that it has, a multitude of sites live deviantART and others like it to several Yahoo! Groups would dedicate or would be dedicated to the lustful melt gag or any kind of melting in particular and mostly and I'm not saying this to be offensive I'm not, but most of these groups would dedicated and focused mainly on the females that melt into puddles because of the lustful melt gag and that is how popular this gag got in my opinion thanks to Animaniacs and tiny tunes reintroduceing it to a new generation that excepted it and embraced it.
Now you're probably asking why are females mostly associated with the lustful melt gag and not the males. Well not to say that the male characters in any of the forms of animation that I've talked about have encountered this, they have!, is just that from my personal viewing and I'm sure those that have viewed it throughout the decades and years as well that it seems that the female was always involved in the situation and I think it's because it comes out a little more funnier and is a little more acceptable as I was saying the male characters have also experienced this, but it seems that as I mentioned before the reason the female characters experienced the lustful melt gag more so than the male characters is I guess it's more based around the fact that the writers feel that the viewers will find it more funny  if the female goes to the lustful melt gag instead of the male and I guess if you were to go on record and compare how many times a female character in animation or even let's say comic book as gone through the lustful melt gag compared to a male character and you may be these surprised to see or maybe not totally surprised to see the female characters in the lead when it comes to going through the lustful melt gag.
Now some shows may seem like they wouldn't even touch or consider the lustful melt gag, but yet they find a way to work it in and sometimes that's a huge surprise,  it really is and when you look at at a show like let's say Capt. Flamingo and you have the main female character there melt into a puddle that the only thing remaining on top of that puddle is her two ponytails and is slowly separating/flowing away from each other because now that she's melted into a puddle she's solo slowly flowing and spreading outwards, you might think or even asked how they could even work that into a show were most of the characters are humans and they just do, they just find a way to make it happen and it's not the first time and as you read earlier it's certainly not the last time.
Now sometimes a lustful melt gag can be interpretative in two ways, 1. The lustful melt dag can be performed by both male and female characters and sometimes that character that goes through the gag can actually reform themselves from the get. As I mentioned earlier with Minveria and in how some of her or should I say in her to solo cartoon shorts,  that in the first one she had to be reformed by her friend ringing her out like a wet howl compared to the second time she did it in her second solo short  where she was able to reform her self without any help and that's where these two meaning of the lustful melt come into play. 2. The other equivalent of the lustful melt gag as I just mentioned is when a character is so I guess you could say aroused if you will by another that when they perform the lustful melt gag they perform it to a point that it will take another character to reform them. Like I just mentioned with Minveria  in her first solo outing she had to have her friend reform her by ringing around like a wet howl, and I used this as an example earlier as well, if that friend of hers wanted to, that friend of hers could have walked off and seen a movie, maybe got something to eat and come back maybe 2 to 4 hours later and Minveria would still be lying on the ground as a melted multi-colored cream puddle and I think it was one person posing as Minveria  on Facebook that when I asked Minveria  this question or the fan posing as Minveria  this question, they basically said that the melting that Minveria went through in Moon over Minveria  was the equivalent to taking a nap and that yeah, that's exactly what the person on Facebook posing as Minveria said it was, the equivalent of, and that is taking a nap.
Yet sometimes this second equivalent also can be equipped to the end  of an animated short, for example in the 1956 Popeye short that I mentioned earlier, when Olvie melts into a flowing puddle of butter with just a face on top of it, she does this right at the end of the short so that when the cartoon fades to black and to the outro for the end of the short, the last thing you see is Olive as melted puddle of butter flowing down the floor and you see little dry spots appearing on her as she's flowing down the floor and that's how the end the short ends.
So in a sense this second equivalent of the lustful melt gag can be interpretative in two different ways, the first way is you have another character being right there to help reform the other character from the melted state or on the other hand the character melts away like that to end the short or to end the cartoon or to end the issue of comic and ironically people find that funny. And once again not to sound offensive or anything but once again it is the female character that goes through it.
Nowadays and I mean in the past four years of this new decade and in the past 14 years of this new century, the lustful melt gag has been used just as much as this as it was when it just began all was the back in the 1940s and 50s. And what I mean by that is there are certain shows here in the United States and around the world that use the lustful melt gag but only when it's necessary and sometimes as I mentioned before they used the lustful melt gag in shows you for one would not expect them to use it in. I know I mentioned Capt. Flamingo earlier as an example of a show that you wouldn't expect this to be used in, but it's not. Recently I read on TVtropes and watched for myself on YouTube that the live action/animated of series from two years ago known it as Groove Hig also invoked the lustful melt gag on the main character Zoe and they used the lustful melt gag on her when her best friend/love interest disguised himself as a new sauve student at groove high and they used the lustful melt gag on Zoe,  they used it on her after her best friend under his new alter ego complimented her and after he did that, she turns all blue and falls completely down into a puddle with only her eyes closed and she is fortunate enough to reform on her own. But now here's what's interesting about this lustful melt gag for Zoe and groove high,  she melted into a puddle of water, that's right she melted into a puddle of water because she turned into water and splashed down into a puddle,  you don't believe me I'll provide the link right here.www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRgMAz… 
And to find out recently that a show that's not even that old,  I mean for show that just recently turned two years old choosing the lustful melt gag on its main female character, again shows you how popular the lustful melt gag is and why for some odd reason that the female characters are always the ones that are involved with this gag.
Now, I'm pretty sure there's a lot of other shows/animated shows out there that probably have dealt with the lustful melt gag but have yet to be mentioned by anybody as to have it in the series in some shape or form and I along with anybody else can understand that, because here is something that yes it is a funny gag but it's one of those gags that you know is coming if the circumstances that present themselves are right in the animation or the comic book or the story itself but yet you do not see it and you do not see it because sometimes it's overlapped by the other gags or situations that the character that it happens to is involved with.
I know some people want to know why the lustful melt gag is used so much in animation and is done so much by female characters or at least used by the female characters more than the males. While when one looks at it and one kind of starts to understand it, they realize that it's just an animated expression of how that character feels, for example in the comedy sitcom Maj. Dad, there is a scene where the main character is on a hotel bed with his wife making out, and the wife is telling him that she's melting, now of course since Maj. Dad was a live-action prime time sitcom you of course couldn't see the wife melting into a puddle, you could only hear her say that and this is why when a female in animation feels a similar way that depending on the show, that character can physically be seen melting into a puddle, even if the show is focused on human characters like Capt. flamingo and groove high were.
So again this is why the lustful melt gag is used more so in animation and sometimes in comic books because unlike live-action,  you can physically see the character melting into a puddle and yes most of the time it is indeed a female character and I think TV tropes kind of said that the reason the female character was the one at the center of it was because it was the animations equivalent of something rises which is the TV tropes category for how a male character reacts to an attractive female character, so yeah that's what the lustful melt gag means when it comes to female characters going through it, is for according to TV tropes.
In closing, I know as I mentioned before that there are probably other animated shows out there with the lustful melt gag involved in them somehow that have yet to be mentioned or talked about,  I'm pretty sure that my little pony friendship is magic probably has the lustful melt gag involved somehow but yet nobody has mentioned it and I'm sure there are others out there as well. So let me say this, I do believe we will see more of the lustful melt gag in animation as the years and decades go on and yes we will see it probably involved with CGI animated movies/series and maybe even some future 2D/traditional animated movies or series, and once again in closing I do believe that shows like friendship is magic has lustful melt gag in it or will have it and I do believe other animated shows out there here in the states and all around the world has it as well and they have yet to be brought to the forefront. That's al I have to say,  thank you all for reading

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